How to Fix: Maus Doppelklick Problem bei einem Klick.

Downloaden, Entpacken, Exe starten, und Hoffen das der Fix funktioniert.

Mouse Fix Download:

1.Download the utility
2. Unzip, and place the files in C:\Program Files\MouseFix.
3. Create a shortcut to MouseFix.exe and place it in the Startup folder of the Start menu.
4. Log off and back on again — your mouse should no longer double-click by accident!

When you open Windows Explorer and double-click a folder, it may open a new explorer window rather than showing the folder contents in the existing window. This may happen although “Open each folder in the same window” setting is selected in Control Panel — Folder Options.

This could happen after installing certain versions of VaultClient software, and issue can be resolved by registering a DLL file. Use these steps:

Open an elevated Command Prompt window. To open an elevated Command Prompt, click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator. Type the following command and hit ENTER:

Command for Windows 7 32-bit :

regsvr32.exe “%Programfiles%\Internet Explorer\ieproxy.dll”

Command for Windows 7 64-bit (Registering the 32-bit module) :

regsvr32.exe “%Programfiles(x86)%\Internet Explorer\ieproxy.dll”

You should see a similar message as below, in the output window:

DllRegisterServer in ieproxy.dll succeeded.
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  1. isMirWurscht Videos says:

    +MaTriX2242 gibt es auch etwas gegen einen Doppelrechtsklick?

  2. Julian13 says:

    Hab genau die selbe! DANKE!!!!

  3. xXSebaXx says:

    Danke meine Maus Funktioniert jz wieder Ohne Ungewolltes DoppelKlick.
    Ps: Kein Virus !
    Man kann Ihn und das Programm vertrauen !

  4. Earl the Sweatshirt says:

    mad catz rat 5 vor 2 tagen gekauft, doppelklick = GG

  5. Nick Weisser says:


    Kein Virus
    Funktioniert Perfekt!

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    Funkt wirklich nice 😀 (Razer Naga) Gibt ihm ein keks!

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  9. ZockoMr Neuer Kanal says:

    funktioniert danke hatte die gleiche maus und das gleiche problem 😀 danke
    jezt erlich

  10. GenialerIdiot GenialerIdiot says:

    thx, funktioniert super (G600 unter Win7)
    Tipp :
    Anderen soll es schon helfen in der Systemsteuerung die zusätzlich
    Installierte HID-Konforme Maus zu deaktivieren (Schadet nicht, hat das
    Problem bei mir jedoch nicht behoben)..

    P.S. :
    An den Programmierer, wenn du den Millisekundenbereich Variabel in einer
    txt einstellen lässt, sollte das Programm für jede Maus mit
    Doppelklick-Problem funktionieren 😉
    Falls du dich noch nicht mit dem Laden von txt beschäftigt hast, würde ich
    dir meine String.cpp geben, mit der das dann easy mit LoadFromFile(char*
    Pfad) geht (einfach bescheit sagen).

  11. Philipp Meier says:

    Es scheint zu gehen! Echt super, hatte echt keine Lust die Maus
    wegzuwerfen, ist eigentlich noch gar nicht sooo alt und so spar ich auch
    noch geld. Thumbs Up!

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    Meine Youtube Tut. sind gerettet du geiler HENGST!!
    ABO+Daumen HOCH!

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    Funktioniert super. Werde ich aber bald hoffentlich nicht mehr brauchen,
    weil ich mir eine Racer oder eine Roccat Maus kaufen werde.

  17. Mediathek - Backup says:

    Funktioniert reibungslos auch auf der sekundären maustaste 😉

  18. DerKettenhund says:

    Habe mit der hama urage das Doppeklick Problem mit der mittleren Maustaste.
    Sprich beim öffnen eines Tabs werden gleich zig Tabs geöffnet. Der Fix
    funktioniert leider nicht für die MMT. Kannst du das Tool dafür updaten?

  19. TheGeneralWolf says:

    Vielen lieben dank! Funktioniert bis dato toll. (Und Kaspersky hat bei den
    Dateien auch keinen Virus gefunden)

  20. Malte Kirst says:

    Wtf danke dir!

  21. DHSwifter says:

    Kein Virus und funzt wirklich nach dem ersten Test… Thx, top!! ^^

  22. Ligonakos says:

    This works?

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    ja klappt zwar aber die rechte taste spackt jetzt :DD

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  25. TheLostGhost says:

    hab gaming maus g500s 79€ und hab doppelklick fehler der fix hilft nicht

  26. Nick Parks says:

    Thank you! I’m definitely subscribing!

  27. PaPiRiCoSuAvE says:

    i put this code on the CMD screen n even though 1 of them said it “was
    successful” i still have this BS problm of opening a new screen every time
    i open a folder even when my floder options are set in “open each folder
    in SAME window”…WTF?? n for some reason ive been getting unwanted pop ups
    (im using chrome btw) even when i have the “block pop ups on internet
    explorer n google chrome settings enabled..i even tried reisntalling both
    browsers so im thinking the unwanted pop ups n the folder problem r from
    the same source …the only way to fix this is by wiping my system clean n
    reinstall EVERYTHING n thats fucking tedious but its d only remedy because
    all the stuff i care for is already backed up but that means ill have 2
    reisntall everything n that takes over a day (24 hrs) worth of installing n
    updating :(…fucking a…i have avast which is a good antivirus brand…n
    i use sypot n both r pretty good at detecting n getting rid of any malware
    or virus 95% of the time but even when it detects n delete still the
    fucking pop ups n folder opening in different window BS…can any 1 find a
    solution to thi because it seems some people say this code worked on them
    but not on me …n im using a desktop…

  28. SuperStar O says:

    So i did the 32 bit & it did not work. So i rebooted then did 64bit & it
    worked my computer is drastically slower than it was & i have a high end
    fast computer. it now takes 3X as long to do anything as it once did since
    doing this dll thing??

  29. Mandar Kodange says:

    Thankyou so much you solved my problem!

  30. Leinra Yacgnat says:

    Salamat kaayo Bai.. Ikaw na gyud .. “Ang naka sulbad sa akong dakong
    problema sa mga ni aging adlaw”

  31. abid shah says:

    good thanx a lot for you support

  32. christian wagner says:

    after 2 month searching finally a video that works, thx bro!

  33. jerbee paragas says:

    Thank you so much I got an Idea.Last hour I change Internet Explorer name
    to wrqsda And the cause of that changing the name is going to open in new
    window when you used the window explorer.I change the name back to Internet
    Explorer And it fix my Problem Thank you very much dude You are the best

  34. GcpMC says:

    Says The Module “C:ProgramFiles (x86) Internet Explorerieproxy.ll”
    Failed to load
    Make sure the binary is stored at specific path or debug it to check
    problems with binary or dependent .DLL files
    The specific module couldn’t be found

  35. Eric The King says:

    worked for me incredible thanks !!!!

  36. Shell Down says:


  37. Tobi Areje says:

    THANK YOU. It worked. I thought it hadn’t initially but i went back into
    the Folder and Search options and changed it back to ‘Open folders in the
    same window’. I also restarted my computer. Thanks again.

  38. James Taylor says:

    tried it still didnt work, and my folder option still says it opens in the
    same window, please help!

    Windows 7 64 bit
    Nividia Gforce GT 220 Graphics
    Intel I5 pricessor

  39. Khaing Thanda Soe says:

    Question please, i can’t type this sign in the command, when i typed, it
    always shows W sign actually korean won sign…pls how can i type this sign

  40. Kupie Mee says:

    the success message appeared but its still opening new window when i open a
    folder. i tried restarting my computer but the problem still exist

  41. Masta X says:

    thanks for the help out.

  42. Sonny Utama says:


  43. Mohamed Zaghloul says:

    failed to load >>
    any suggestions 

  44. Josh Davoll says:

    Thanks very much!

  45. Jeff Jones says:

    Seriously….. My folders get fucked up because I wanted to uninstall
    Internet Explorer… Wow

  46. MrAlex3518 says:

    Thanks SM just simole, but working !!!!
    I tired to find solution for that very common windows problem !!!
    Thanks again !!!

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    Thank you it works now…God Bless you…

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