How to Improve Battery Performance on Your Android Lollipop Phone in 5 minutes

Hello and welcome to the complete guide to using your Android Lollipop Nexus 6. Today it’s battery basics.

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The Nexus 6 is capable of Turbo charging but you can only achieve that by using the Turbo Charging plug supplied with the Nexus 6. When you use this plug you can expect a 30% charge in about 30 minutes; which equates to approximate 12 hours of battery life.

If you have a QI compliant wireless charging device then you can you use it with your Nexus 6 which is compatible. Simply place the Nexus 6 backside centrally on the charging pad and that should automatically start charging the device. Do note however that this is a significantly slower way of charging your Nexus 6.

A battery icon will always appear in the top right and corner of your screen. If you want to know exactly how much battery is left, you can swipe down on the lockscreen to show a percentage. You can also do the same thing on your home screens but you will need to swipe down once to show notifications and then again to show your battery percentage.

Instead of having to swipedown twice on a home screen to show the battery percentage you can swipe with two fingers to instantly show that and your quick settings. Furthermore the battery indicator is a button that if you press will take you to the battery settings screen.

You can turn your Wi-Fi off when the Nexus 6 is asleep to save battery power and you do this by going to settings, selecting Wi-Fi and then pressing the three dots in the top right hand corner and choosing advanced. In this screen you want the Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep option and then you can choose to have it always on, only when plugged in or never. Do bear in mind that if you turn Wi-Fi off during sleep you may not receive notifications such as emails and social media updates.

A classic way to conserve battery life is to reduce the on screen idle time. To do this, go to settings, choose display and then select the sleep option. This determines the time it takes for the screen to automatically switch off after you last interacted with the phone.

Android Lollipop devices have a built in battery saver mode. To access this you can either press on the battery icon in your notifications or using the settings screen. Then press the three dots in the top right corner and choose Battery Saver. When the battery saver mode is active this will be clearly visible on screen as two red strips will appear at the top and bottom of the screen. The warning is there to obviously tell you your battery is low but also that battery saver mode has implications on the performance of your phone such as background data, device vibration and account syncing. A useful addition to the battery saver mode is to set when it automatically kicks in and you can tell the phone to do that either at 15% or 5% of battery life.

If you go to the battery screen under the battery usage graph a list of the most battery hungry apps and processes will be displayed. You can press on each of these things and some of them will suggest ways in which you can conserve battery and provide direct links on the places to go to do that. It’s mostly system apps and processes that offer this functionality but investigate and see what battery saving opportunities are out there.

The Nexus 6 uses an ambient display which means that whenever you pick it up the screen comes on. If you don’t like the idea of that feature drinking your battery juice, go to settings, display and toggle off ambient display.

As well trying to protect your battery, you also want to maximise charging time. So on screen now is a list charging methods and how much they increased the battery in a 30 minute test. As I said in my first battery tip, the Turbo Charge is by far and away the quickest way to charge the Nexus 6. Next comes wall chargers with portable chargers a little behind and wireless charging way behind. Also, try to minimise use of your phone when it’s charging but turning it off, at least in my experience, doesn’t make much of a difference. For a more detailed looking at how to charge your phone click the link on screen now.

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  1. Hywel Davies says:

    The tip for checking battery percentage is a bit redundant seeing as you
    can just install Battery Percent Enabler from the Play Store, which is an
    app that I would recommend to any Nexus user on lollipop. 

  2. andyabc45 says:

    Disabling ‘Scanning always available’ on the advanced WiFi screen will
    improve battery life.

  3. The187Hitman says:

    I like to know if anyone notices this..AVG recently released the top 5
    power hungry apps and malware apps etc etc.. the top of the app list was
    facebook. purely in the background.. i uninstalled the facebook app, and on
    this charge, im going for about 5hours screen on time rather then around 4
    hours. i have a moto g first gen on lollipop incase anyone is wondering.
    and as the replacement for facebook, i am currently using “Tinfoil for
    Facebook” .. its basically Facebook Lite, except its way better.its just a
    web wrapper really you know. anyway good video, and let me know if you
    experienced anything interesting with facebook :)

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