How to Jailbreak iOS 7.1.2 with Pangu! (Untethered)

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Have fun jailbreaking iOS 7.1.2!

Download the Pangu Jailbreak Tool:

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24 thoughts on “How to Jailbreak iOS 7.1.2 with Pangu! (Untethered)”

  1. xiao zhi says:

    Is there any jailbreak pangu for ios 8.1.3 ??

  2. oCylencez says:

    Can someone help me please,i instaled cydia but im Must delete it and now i
    want to instal it back but it says that i allready instaled it so i
    backuped my iphone but now there ist still the Problem when i xone to the
    Point to unlock the phone and Click on pangu that there is no reaction only
    a timeout?
    Please help

  3. Jose Alvarez says:

    Does this web site give viruses?

  4. The Third Street says:

    On the pangu app it says iOS8.0 will it still work for ios7.1.2

  5. Khuzaymah Anwar says:

    When i tap sydia, it turns of my phone, plz help!!

  6. Jon Inhammar says:

    Worked out good on my iPhone 4 Thanks.

  7. Mikey B says:

    Unlock and Jailbreak iDevice easy
    *UnlockiOSNow. co m*.

  8. Cosmin Scooter says:

    thanks so mutch dude! it worked!

  9. Dont Add Me Ok says:

    How do I know if it’s jail broken? I did it but how do I know 4 sure

  10. OlympianGaming PVP says:

    my pangu won’t open

  11. clayton boyd says:

    When i download pangu onto my mac, it crashes. I’ve tried re-downloading

  12. Pewds TheSECOND says:

    why does this download take so long and how do I make it quicker

  13. IxThexRealx Gmanx says:

    ios i was fucking scared to do it i did it and it work perfectly i love u
    thank u ur the fucking best i swear to god

  14. SpongebobInTheClub says:

    It’s 2015 now. Does it work anyway?

  15. cri rodreguez says:

    My cydia ain’t fricken loading. Every time I try to install a package it
    always says error code (2)

  16. Callum Plays says:

    Was it meant to delegate your apps 

  17. Kendrick Johnson says:

    is it safe to do that 

  18. Erwin hadi Candra says:

    the best video ever to jailbreak, and great explanation

    Great job dude :D

  19. Gophies says:

    mine said dump cache failed

  20. Wizzy says:

    Doesnt have viruses ? Is it 100 %safe?

  21. newc00712321 says:

    Yaayyy thanks me and my dad did it i can’t thank u enough

  22. Ihap Hassan Hejaz says:

    OMG thatnks it workied 

  23. Crazzywabit says:

    Where’s the springboard?

  24. Gavin C. says:

    IT WORKED!!! This is the first time i’ve jailbroken, except it was for my
    bro. But thx

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