How to transfer files from Windows 7 to Windows 8

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Learn how to copy files from Windows 7 to Windows 8 using Windows Easy Transfer tool

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In this video tutorial we will show you how to transfer files from Windows 7 to Windows 8.
In order to transfer files from Windows 7 to Windows 8, you have to go to “start” in Windows 7. In command line type “windows easy transfer”. Choose “Windows Easy Transfer in search results.

In appeared window you can see what can be transferred, press “Next”. In following window choose what to use to transfer items to your new system.

In next window you must select that now you are on your old computer. After that wait until the scanning is complete. When it is complete, you can customize items or just press “Next”. In following window you can enter a password to protect the transfer file. The next step is a selection of the place where to save the transfer file. Choose place and press “Save”. Wait until the save is complete. Then you will see the messages that Windows Easy Transfer is complete on this computer and you can proceed on new computer.
Now load your Windows 8 system. Open a “search” option in your Windows 8. In search window type “windows easy transfer” and click on it to open. In appeared window you see what can be transferred, press “next” button. In following window you must choose what do you want to use to transfer items to your new PC. In next window you must select that this is your new PC.
In following window click on “yes” and choose the place where your transfer file is placed, click to open it. Enter a password that protects your transfer file and press “next”. In appeared you will see the notice, press ok. In next window you can choose what files to transfer to a new PC and press “Transfer” and the transfer will begins. Wait until the transfer process is complete. At the end you can see what was transferred or just close the application.
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25 thoughts on “How to transfer files from Windows 7 to Windows 8”

  1. GURU says:

    I have the actual usb cable that connects to one cpu to the other. I
    connect the two. Bring up Windows Easy Transfer file for both cpus (my old
    cpu is windows 7 and my new one is windows 8). When i click the option that
    says “An easy transfer cable” on my old CPU, it says that its trying to
    connect to my new cpu. When i bring up Windows Easy Transfer for my new
    cpu, it doesnt even bring up the option that ask if this is my new cpu. It
    goes straight to the option “have you saved your files on a external hard
    drive”. Why would it ask that if the usb transfer cable is connected? Even
    when i say yes, it then takes me to the file search to look for an easy
    transfer file

  2. Neil Rafis says:
  3. ArchAngel says:

    if i installed many games on windows 7, then i get windows 8. can i
    trasnfer my games from a different hdd onto windows 8? will they work?
    i have a hdd with windows 8, and one with my gaems

  4. thegreatone54011 says:

    I did the same exact things and nothing happened.

  5. BigjockGnu says:

    duh, helpful, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Elizabeth Bull says:

    When you transfer files does it also transfer software programs such as
    Office 2013

  7. Luis Beqiri says:

    i need have a more big proccesor for transfer my win7 in 8 ??

  8. Ava Wendt says:

    Very concise, yet easy to understand. Hope it is as easy as this makes it

  9. erinoftheloststargate6 says:

    At the very first part it says I am on as a temporary profile and need to
    restart, so I did and it said the same thing again… ??

  10. rorexdreadnok says:

    Great video very helpful !!!! 8D!

  11. Sunlite says:

    Thank You. Great help.

  12. kenneth miaczynski says:

    I have windows 7 and windows 8 on same computer when I type easy file
    transfer it says im using a temp profile and try again

  13. William Sakowsky says:

    On my windows 8 PC it asks if I have already used easy transfer to save my
    files yet on my windows 7 pc yet there is no such prompt on the other PC.
    When I select yes it opens my documents and I guess I’m supposed to have
    files that need selecting which I don’t have because I cant save it on the
    other computer. When I select no it closes the easy window in my windows 8
    PC and says i must use easy transfer cable to save my files yet on my other
    computer it still says that i need to connect my windows 8 pc. 

  14. Bob Goldie says:

    Thanks for the helpful video!

  15. thabg007 says:

    g i wonder how long it will take for me, old laptop: win 7, 100MB Ethernet,
    to new laptop (coming in the mail) win 8, 1GB ethernet, total of 570GB of

  16. kenneth miaczynski says:

    can I transfer file from my dual boot ?

  17. Amonynos says:

    If you’re wanting to transfer an existing Win 8.1 to ANOTHER 8.1, you can
    use the Migwiz folder from a Windows 8 install to make the 8.1 backup,
    since the backup utility is now gone in 8.1.
    just throwing this out there, I had to research for hours before I found

  18. theALPHAwolfify says:

    +HowTech i want to upgrade and transfer my games over seeing as these games
    are installed on my HDD if i copy on to and external disk, upgrade on the
    original HDD to 8.1 then transfer the files will my games be playable on
    applications like steam if i input the file location?

  19. Elvis Starić says:

    thanks… 🙂

  20. Leanna Gabriel says:

    but how if mine need to transfer over 30gb??help me please…

  21. Cesar De Jongh says:

    Do the files keep the same location ??

  22. HowTech says:

    Only if you format your HDD before installing

  23. Federic9722 says:

    thank you 😉

  24. iSN1P3Rz says:

    buy an HDD

  25. murphb40 says:

    Do you have to use a easy transfer cable or can you use a regular USB to
    USB cable????

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