I found 2 really cool Gadgets that would make great “Stocking Stuffers”.

**No USB power for Helis, plus tired of sitting on my Iphone with bulging square pockets, I found both of these gadgets work really better than I thought they would. I think they would make the kind of Stocking Stuffer that I would want myself.

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20 thoughts on “I found 2 really cool Gadgets that would make great “Stocking Stuffers”.”

  1. Day z boy says:

    Or u cud put ur phone in ur pocket

  2. Frotsie says:

    Try the Anker 10000mAh portable battery, a bit more expensive, but with 2 full usb ports ;-)

  3. Fragile Cake says:

    you are not behind in tech! I did not know of these things before i saw your video and i'm 14! :)

  4. eric deherrera says:

    Hi Dave, I could not figure out how to send you a personal message so that's why it's on this video. I was wondering if you had seen the Curtis Youngblood stingray 500, it is a collective pitch quadcopter that him and his father designed and built, and it is available for sale at Curtis Youngblood.com. It is a very unique and very interesting piece of equipment it definitely seems to be something that is right up your alley! Can you imagine a race inspired quad that can do puirrofunnels and hover inverted!? It's incredibly amazing unfortunately outside of my price range but I thought you might want to at least take a look at it it comes in two versions one comes with just the copter and the flight controller I believe the other one comes all up ready to fly with everything but the radio and reciever, there is also a really neat review video on flight test with Curtis himself. If you have not seen this already I hope you enjoy it and if you have well good day to you and I look forward to more videos thank you.

  5. Kris Corpos (DrastiK GT) says:


  6. Kris Corpos (DrastiK GT) says:

    Love the battery idea, make your own with some connectors and rc planes

  7. zane pritchett says:

    Dave, you are just a great guy. im 14 and I always love watching your videos even if its not rc related. keep up the great work as always

  8. Ibn Air says:

    Very nice Dave.  Looking to purchase my first micro plane. Do you have any you'd like to sell? Its Cold here in Indiana and I've still got the flying bug but more for indoors.  Thx    Ali

  9. Granite says:

    it would be easy to make with a broken charger

  10. beech18s says:

    Dave,     How long does it take to fully charge the Charge Stick from the USB port off the computer ?     

  11. charly says:

    Great gadget. Is the first time i see that type of charger. Not yet in the market in my country. 

  12. Jesse Martin says:

    Hi Dave! I wanted to say you have inspired me to become a heli / plane enthusiast. Your knowledge of the "Art" astounds me. I am a fan of that USB stick! I can't count the times I have run out of juice on my phone!

    Cheers Dave!


  13. Herbert Humphrey says:

    That's cool …. I knew about the battery but never thought about using it for my copters .and the only battery's for your phones like that that i have seen were huge …lol no more AAA —sweet '' I just ordered a battery ….your always amazing !!!

  14. itchyliabdo says:

    Thanks for sharing dave. ur never behind .love all ur vids .. 

  15. Styng Rai says:

    I don't believe this concealed carry method works as well with the newer 5er series which uses the lightning connector. It's much easier to disconnect. It was fun while it lasted. ;-)

  16. SuperDman90000 says:

    You can tell if someone flies rc based on having a lanyard XD

  17. BOKI797 says:

    Dave ; Thanks for the Gadgets Video & they are Pretty Nice !

  18. Dick Gibson says:

    Just ordered two of the batteries….

  19. Dick Gibson says:

    I don't know? do you have a license for a concealed Phone?
    he he

  20. MaXG65 says:

    Those are cool… Thanks man.

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