Incredible Chinese gadget makes fish invisible

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A scientific research team from Zhejiang University in China have invented a gadget that lets living creatures become invisible to the human eye. They have designed a five centimetre tall hexagonal cylinder with a transparent passage on the inside that makes anything that passes through it seem to disappear.

“When we see an object, what we receive actually is the natural light scattered from the object. We can see the object only after capturing the light,” explained Zheng Bin, one of the researchers responsible for the device.

Using glass with a high refractive index and special positioning the researchers are able to direct light around the object in the tube to give the impression that it is not there at all. The gadget is currently only capable of making living creatures with a body length of 10 centimetres disappear and according to the researchers they are still a long way off of being able to use a human subject. Report by Laurie Blake.

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20 thoughts on “Incredible Chinese gadget makes fish invisible”

  2. faustdownunder says:

    I could understand how this works in less than 1 Minute. Research?

  3. Binyamin Friedman says:

    I have another way of making the fish invisible…..paint the fish tank black.

  4. mjooodi says:

    اختراع با بغلي ..

  5. ‫شبكة أبونواف‬‎ says:

    اختراع لاخفاء الاجسام

  6. Nizar Habbab says:
  7. smarterdenyouthink says:

    They problly got a really big one in the sea already that why we can't see every creater that's under the sea 

  8. Paul Dunne says:

    Next the real invisible man.

  9. Mark Joslin says:

    Monday, 11 November
    12:58:28 p.m.
    (GMT + 0:00)

  10. Jacob Ellinger says:

    for all those wondering why this is so special. think about a man with a suit that does the same thing. Or a tank or a sniper. Yeah and before you mention heat senses; not everyone battlefield or operation will have the enemy using such things.
    Furthermore you might be able to hide entire structures  from satellite recon. 
    this tech is just in it's infancy. 

  11. fockyoumang says:

    So are they going to have stealth fighter fish tanks bombing the US?

  12. altclyti says:

    Next episode: Chinese will be announcing they have discovered a way to make glass so you can see yourself in it!

    Hey Einstein, why don't you use the sharp edge on one of those pieces of magical glass and slice that weird lump off the corner of your mouth!

  13. Julio Bravo says:

    Chris Angel already made this

  14. Ma. Consolacion XiaoYlanan says:

    Hi Zheng! :)

  15. richoz27 says:

    Why waste intellect on stupid gadgets when you have a chronic environmental problem that needs to be fixed… yesterday!

  16. Yvette Lloyd says:


  17. Roonskii says:

    The Japanese and tepco have a nifty gadget too that is making fish disappear.

  18. Josefinchen Wong says:
  19. The Cosmos (Spartavus) says:

    The fish at the end……Blop

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