iOS 8 iPhone Update! | iJustine

How long did it take you?!
iPhone 6 Video:


20 thoughts on “iOS 8 iPhone Update! | iJustine”

  1. Wolf Bee says:

    I d'idiot et issues

  2. Sniege Petroskaite says:

    I have iphone 4s and i wanna to uptaded a new iOS8 but i can't because they write this ,, your software is up to date." Please help what i ganna do!!!!?? :'-(

  3. Omar and Adriana says:

    iPhone 5c 8GB and can't update!!! So I basically only have iOS 7.1.2 on my phone! I want iOS 8.3 because of the new emojis!!!!!!

  4. Lexie Thissen says:

    iOS 8 sucks

  5. xXDrakeIsGODXx says:

    I took you to the beach today…

  6. xXDrakeIsGODXx says:

    Who is tickling me? 

  7. xXDrakeIsGODXx says:

    Are you high maintenance? 

  8. xXDrakeIsGODXx says:

    Have you ever tried djing? 

  9. Margo Mav says:

    It took me 30mins☺️

  10. Faisal Tahir says:

    I like you!!

  11. DemGuys says:

    Like OMG the iphone 6 is going to have NFC, android had that in like 2012, and phones then are still alot better than the 6, e.g the nexus 4 has NFC and has a higher ppi ect

  12. agbtr101a says:

    MY i6 is 16 gigs….. :(

  13. Margo Mav says:

    iOS "don't remember" I had that in Norway!!

  14. sunnygirl032598 says:

    Your too funny lol u were just as excited as I was for iso8 also I got it the day it came out and it took me 4 hrs to get it in my phone and that was with good wifi the whole time. I had the iPhone 4s then and now I have the 6 and it the best phone ever 

  15. Mollie Hill says:

    It took me itsacly 8 mins

  16. FanFiction Writingx3 says:

    i got a iphone 5s now the 5c wasnt that good for me but this video made me update and i wanna thank justine because without this video i would have never get Ios 8  

  17. LifeAsMia 123 says:

    U could've done it on the computer 

  18. Jordan Helders says:

    I had a 16 gig and there was no orib updating

  19. bloo890 says:

    Use itunes on ur pc to update it faster!! damn 

  20. Theo Harrison says:

    iOS 8 10x better than android lollipop

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