iPhone 6 Charging Port Replacement in 5 minutes, microphone fix, headphone jack repair

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This video shows you everything you need to know about replacing the charging port on your new iPhone 6. It is a pretty simple process as long as you keep all of your screws organized.

If you ever need to kink your charging cable to one side, and you are sure that the cable is working fine, you might have to replace your charging port! This video shows you how. The charging port is also connected to the mic, and headphone jack, so you replace everything all at the same time.

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20 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Charging Port Replacement in 5 minutes, microphone fix, headphone jack repair”

  1. Patrick Reber says:

    Great video. Thanks for the help. Hardest part was the tiny wire cable
    antenna, and keeping track of which screws go where. 

  2. John Furtado says:

    Thanks love your Rigs.. the best!

  3. abram hernandez says:

    Just replaced my charging port but it still won’t charge or connect . Do
    you think my iPhone has a bigger problem or just a junk replacement part ? 

  4. John Furtado says:

    Hey Jerry any plans on screen repair for Ipad Air 2>

  5. Per Fyhr says:

    How many microphones and speakers does the iPhone 6 have, and where are
    I’ve got some issues after a toilet accident 🙁
    My problems are;

    – Ear speaker doesn’t work. (I think I’ve got this one)
    – Ringtones, alarms and phone calls works on speakerphone, but no sound
    when I watch YouTube or other videos (different speakers?)

    2. Microphones
    – I can speak with people when I call, but I can’t talk to Siri. (Different

    3. When I get a call and lift the phone to my ear the screen doesn’t go
    black. Is it the front camera who should regulate that? because the front
    camera works…

    Do you know which parts I need to replace?

    I hope you would like to help me and thank you for your videos. 

  6. Abisai Acosta says:

    Did you make this video because the iPhone 6 plus wasn’t charging? Because
    I’m having problems with my iphone. It’s not charging at all. Checked
    multiple chargers and wall sockets. Just curious.

  7. JerryRigEverything says:
  8. John Rangel says:

    Have you hear or seen the new iphone bending?? If so can it be fix??

  9. Chris Cull says:

    Good vid!

  10. Vmo x says:

    thankyou 🙂 i helped a friend fix his phone

  11. greenawesome35 says:

    I’m thinking of buying a iPhone 5s used online, the only issue with it is
    the charging port. I think I can replace it. However, do you think its a
    good idea? The phone is supposedly in perfect condition other than that…
    But you never can be completely sure until you have it. Also, I’ve seen
    your iPhone 5 video, and now the 6. The 5 video is probably the closest,
    but it doesn’t have the fingerprint scanner. Which video, if I were to
    attempt this, would I follow the most? And if its the 5, would I need to
    change anything for the fingerprint scanner or anything else? Thank you!

  12. Vince Garza says:

    Love it so much 

  13. bob bing says:

    can u please do a video on how to replace the screen on a Alcatel one touch
    fierce I just cracked mine

  14. Traveling Charlie says:
  15. bob bing says:

    can u please do a video on how to replace the screen on a Alcatel one touch
    fierce I just cracked mine

  16. Jimmymorfue says:

    Great tutorial! 

  17. John Rangel says:

    Have you hear or seen the new iphone bending?? If so can it be fix??

  18. Nic D says:

    my i6 will not charge. I checked voltage at the pins where the battery
    connects to mother board. Measured 0.0v. There should be ~ 5.0v while
    plugged in. I know this b.c I measured a working i6 at same point & got
    4.7v.Is there a way to measure voltage out put at the charge port itself?
    if so, (which contacts/pins) I’m trying to determine if my charge port, or
    power ic is faulty, or possible “fuse”

  19. Jason Madiedo says:

    i cant find any replacement parts in the descriptions of any videos?

  20. Jensen Chen says:

    Any idea when the replacement parts would become available? Would they be
    as good as the original such as functionality and all?


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