Ketchup Dispenser | Martha Stewart

Ketchup Dispenser | Martha Stewart

Martha chats with Barry Kudrowitz and Bill Fienup about their award-winning ketchup dispenser.

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Ketchup Dispenser | Martha Stewart
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18 thoughts on “Ketchup Dispenser | Martha Stewart”

  1. FilmFab says:

    martha was imprisoned right? why?

  2. Kallisti Babylon says:

    you don’t say

  3. krystalsmith77 says:


  4. duckmanham says:


  5. cpang618 says:

    Barry and Bill, you ROCK!

  6. jumpingjackbeans says:

    b/c she did the same thing that everyone else does,but they were trying to
    make an example out of her by sending her to jail.

  7. BiteHunter says:

    And you won first prize for this? LOL! That was hilarious, when Martha said

  8. puffie10us1 says:

    Love it … thats Hot

  9. iwashere says:


  10. cenarsystems says:

    We Love Martha Stewart

  11. Lily White says:

    You Rock, Di! I hope you’re not terribly disappointed that it was me
    commenting to you, but I like Martha too 🙂

  12. iwashere says:


  13. Diana DeLaFuente says:

    Nahhh not disapointed,,,, You rock too!!!

  14. stevevaizorz says:

    Ketchup Crapper LMAO

  15. Diana DeLaFuente says:

    You rock Martha!!!

  16. joeemail2 says:

    loved that you had this on you site

  17. Lily White says:

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  18. SkatingSy says:

    This is you in text:

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