LG Optimus L9 IN-DEPTH REVIEW by Gadgets Portal

Full & final Review (in English) of LG Optimus L9 P760 / P765, an amazing device with best-in-class specifications & excellent Optimus UI. Also check-
HQ Camera Samples at http://facebook.com/GadgetsPortal
Unboxing at http://youtu.be/577Ak4yZsns
Hardware & Benchmarks at http://youtu.be/dNy7tFDr-n8
Gaming Test at http://youtu.be/t98IZ-dXjts
Camera samples at http://facebook.com/GadgetsPortal

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Sukesh Banik
-Gadgets Portal India
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 thoughts on “LG Optimus L9 IN-DEPTH REVIEW by Gadgets Portal”

  1. Sheri Mascote says:

    Queen Mascote

  2. Shawdy Thuggin says:

    Best reveiw I seen yet

  3. Ian Brown says:


  4. Bria Demore says:

    Does this phone let you use emojis > 

  5. whitneyxox4u says:

    Great review 

  6. lovedoh4life says:


  7. puppy626 says:

    @karenpress222 he said that it’s his favorite theme

  8. bebec says:

    Can you use a stylus on this phone?

  9. Noor Rizvi says:

    such a faboolus job frum lg

  10. lovedoh4life says:

    If u know your technology, this stuff just comes natural people..

  11. narutofreakranger1 says:

    My phone is the LG Optimus L9 p768. My questions is, is that version
    different from these two or the same? 

  12. Ozzy Ivan says:

    Thus, ? Nokia lumia 521, or f3 ?. Helpp ,,!

  13. Christopher White says:

    OK I know this is for the L9 device but some of the features are what we
    have just received with our jelly bean update such as the split keyboard I
    posted about earlier. 

  14. Terrell Daniels says:

    Last question….so i decided to get the p769 model BUT, are the feaures
    thats on the P760 model, on the P769 model? ( such as the screen wipe
    effect, and splitting the keyboard) REPLY, Thanks

  15. powerstarsuper says:

    yea…it is available OTA

  16. Aurahead says:

    New firmware is awesome, LG bring lots of features from Optimus G.

  17. Sarahy Rodriguez says:

    do you know any place to buy this phone unlocked?

  18. Destiny White says:

    Hows the phone so far? I heard it shuts off automatically after a while

  19. karenpres222 says:

    You commented about 4:50 into the video that something was your favorite. I
    didn’t hear what was said. Could you please tell me what it was? Alos what
    is the best way to put music on this phone? I’m a beginner on this so
    please give me details. Thank you Karen

  20. Patrick Monis says:

    damn! dont fastword the settings for hand recognition!

  21. Deaven Serrato says:

    I ♥ this phone

  22. ugoste says:

    can you please take some pictures with camera in night

  23. Jelle Sanders says:

    Really nice review thank you very mutch

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