MCSG | Game #13 | 1.8 Only? + Sony Vegas!

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12 thoughts on “MCSG | Game #13 | 1.8 Only? + Sony Vegas!”

  1. Fictional - Minecraft Videos says:

    Add me on Skype – hashtagminecraft
    Its about a UHC event. Thank you, we hope you can join us.

  2. TexturePacks4You says:


  3. Flurt says:

    and then a wild spydr apears


    hello :D, please Spydr what ur ign please tell meh <333333

  5. ohBaked™ says:


  6. FireAlfieHD™ Quit says:

    Nice video ;D

  7. Testla says:

    Block Hitting is completely removed from minecraft 1.8+ 

  8. xKillAura | SG says:


  9. x Fyre says:

    I gotta say ur the master at skins 

  10. Angel Wincek says:

    That iron guy got rekt

  11. Pᴀʀᴀᴅᴏx says:

    video is a bit offscreen but good other wise 😉 Sony vegas is great when u learn to use it

  12. Spydr says:

    SG13 is now live.

    A thumbnail will be available soon, im not actually home c:

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