Micromax CANVAS 4 A210 Unboxing & Hands on Review, TIPS & TRICKS by Gadgets Portal

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This is a detailed unboxing & hands on review video on the new Micromax Canvas 4 a.k.a. Micromax A210. This new flagship model sports a 5″ HD IPS display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, PowerVR SGX544MP GPU, 13MP camera and 2000mAh battery. Full reviews on Micromax Canvas 4 are coming soon, subscribe and keep in touch!

Micromax Canvas HD A116 review: http://youtu.be/Al6k7ehEs5M

Sukesh Banik
Gadgets Portal India


24 thoughts on “Micromax CANVAS 4 A210 Unboxing & Hands on Review, TIPS & TRICKS by Gadgets Portal”

  1. siraj dheen says:

    Super micromax canvas4 i buy nd using no problam facing. I recommend to my
    sister nd she also buy on yesterday.indiam made is good

  2. Aditya Agarwal says:

    Which one shud i go for turbo or canvas 4

  3. Rohit Raj says:

    Hi vivek itz 10.5 gb

  4. Pranjal P. Saikia says:

    Thanks Sukesh for the brilliant review. I bought this after watching your
    review and also other reviews too and YES this is the best phone I ever
    had. And I love it when my friends go “woooo”!! My canvas 4 hardly stays in
    my hand for 1 hour. All the other time my friends play, listen, watch and
    even make video calls from my canvas 4 and they are all dumping their
    Samsungs, Sonys, even HTCs lol..its hard to believe Micromax is a winner
    this time. M a happy lad now. :)

  5. vivek ramchandani says:

    how much internal memory available to user

  6. ratnakar bhave says:

    Can anybody tells how to feed 2 contact nos.of same person in micromax
    canvass 4

  7. Ravikant Vishwakarma says:

    Micromax good

  8. vikrant kumar says:


  9. Devesh Singhal says:

    Can u please upload a video of GPS review in this device.

  10. HAMRAZ ALI J M says:

    micromax awesome !!!!!!

  11. Nikhil Bandhu Roy says:

    plz dont compare this mmx with branded product like samsung,nokia,sony..
    there feedback is much much good..and with mmx u feel like u just carry a
    china mobile nothing extra.. like example with mmx if you’re facing ne
    problem with your phone den just throw it to dusbin or you have to buy a
    mobile with exchnge…becoz the service of the mmx is worse…so be4 paying
    17k for this..just think once more..n i’m not writing any fake review.. if
    u guys have any doubt den ask any user of the mmx.

  12. Yasir Syed Mohd says:

    yes… I own a canvas 4 with aircel sim.

  13. khushi malik says:

    canvas 4 is supporte aircel sim?

  14. shreyans kasliwal says:

    please do a detailed comparision between canvas 4 and canvas hd……..

  15. Sabyasachi Das says:

    I want a phone on contest…pls play a contest…

  16. Madhuram Ganesan says:

    Is there any sim service that this phone does not support

  17. nizale100 says:

    Hi Sukesh sir!This is a very good and practical review.Thumbs up! Micromax
    have done a great job but if they have done better enough to beat Samsung
    or any other phones in this price tag?Since i’m from Kolkata and here
    Canvas 4 and Galaxy Grand r in the same price point.So it’s a bit confusion
    or what i say contradiction.Should i go with Micromax,an uprising company
    or Samsung which is already reigning in the smartphone market.Many many
    thanks! It’s pleasure to have review centre from Kolkata.

  18. puneet Sikka says:

    scnd one

  19. GAURAV MOKASHI says:

    nice review

  20. mayur manjrekar says:

    Sukesh you have gained weight .

  21. Krishanu Mitra says:

    Promising ?

  22. Sudeep Ghosh says:


  23. Sandeep Srinivas says:

    Ur reviews are very nice.. can u review Samsung galaxy s3 mini..

  24. Aditya Gupta says:

    Hi Sukesh, have you tested the GPS on this phone? How is the speed of
    detection and accuracy? (the bane of A110)

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