Minecraft Mods | Gizmos Mod! Secret Agent Gadgets, Explosives, & More TNT! Mod Showcase

Minecraft Mods | Gizmos Mod! Secret Agent Gadgets, Explosives, & More TNT! Mod Showcase

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In this 1.7.10 mod showcase:
Minecraft Gadgets Mod Showcase epic gadgets, explosives, and new tnt! The Gizmos mod adds in some really awesome gadgets to make you a secret agent in Minecraft! This awesome Minecraft mod adds in some new gadgets, nuclear explosions, new tnt, & much more! Multiply tnt to explode your entire Minecraft world or simply use a bomb defuser to make the bombs not go off and use epic gadgets and gizmos to make your Minecraft better!
Music By Monstercat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVMuwa-HRCQ
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  1. Jalen says:

    Ad it to mca

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    Dood u mised a ton of stuff 

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    44th and I gonna get this mod

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    i will give u a hug if you know the channel this is from. 

  6. john sackman says:

    you use the time bomb to troll houses 

  7. Freddy Fazbear The Animatronic says:

    3:00 flying spider?

  8. Rafael Rodolfo says:

    Subscribe :)

  9. Ranier Abel says:

    eh yo! were dragon bloc c ep3

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  11. Jennifer Merlino says:

    Dude I'm the person to view this

  12. Kelly Gadd says:

    Cool guys don't look at explosions

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  15. Demonxmoo says:

    Btw I love you ;)

  16. Demonxmoo says:

    Omg your hole attitude has changed since he quit runescape can you go back I loved your videos I know you said in your runescape quiting video you would never go back but please at least play it 1 time get the feel and I don't think me alone just 1 person will convince you but please at least try please please please can I get a AMENO from anyone :(((((

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    Jared how do u smack the like button with u booty hole 

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    Add it in to Minecraft Comes Alive

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