My Blackberry Is Not Working! – The One Ronnie, Preview – BBC One

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Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield star in this fruity sketch from The One Ronnie, written by Dawson Bros.
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20 thoughts on “My Blackberry Is Not Working! – The One Ronnie, Preview – BBC One”

  1. Norse Myn says:

    Beauty! I caught all but the orange reference. Any help? 

  2. Tidgy says:

    Ahh it wouldn't work with an Xbox One xD even though they weren't out then.

  3. Squidller says:

    Harry Enfield and Ronnie Corbett bloody hell

  4. Willem Arnhem says:

    Haha its funny because all these terms are also computer things

  5. BB heinicken says:

    i hate the internet lol

  6. raees rana says:

    this is so hilarious,i wish the other guy was Ronnie barker

  7. Irfan Khan says:

    It never gets old.

  8. MixZ says:


  9. Beccy Wragg says:


  10. Beccy Wragg says:

    Ronnie w

  11. Storm Loki says:

    This is pretty amazing in it's own right.

  12. FlamingAtheist says:

    Holy shit this was fantastic

  13. Дмитрий Калоша says:

    субтитры не включаются к этому видео, жаль…

  14. Paul “Pablotay” Johnson says:

    So THIS is British humor…not bad. Better than Monty Python which, I've been told, is not true British humor. Is that true perchance?
    On a side note, this has to be one of my favorite skits EVER! It's so clever! Plus I've always had a soft spot for verbal humor and I'm also kind of a tech nerd, so these jokes really tickled both my funny and nerdy bones.

  15. daysofgreenday65 says:

    I agree with this guy I used to work with, this is JUST as clever as "Fork Handles" :D

  16. Comedy Superstars says:

    British TV rules

  17. Andre Robinson says:

    That is so great…! ?

  18. Tennessee Redneck says:

    That is so hilarious!

  19. Izaak Wever says:
  20. Sasaeng-chan says:

    This is beautiful. That was one hell of an understatement I just said.

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