Nerf Light It Up Inside Blast N-Strike Rayven

Nerf Light It Up Inside Blast N-Strike Rayven

Watch the newest Nerf Inside Blast video for the N-Strike Rayven with FireFly Tech. Light it Up on 3/3/2012!

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20 thoughts on “Nerf Light It Up Inside Blast N-Strike Rayven”

  1. joao pedro says:

    how you make the rapid fire in the rayven?

  2. Ray Norris says:

    But i love there guns

  3. Ray Norris says:

    All nerf ads are lies

  4. StateWaffles says:

    This is a complete lie.
    "When you hold down this acceleration trigger here, it goes into rapid-fire mode."
    That's just a big, fat lie.
    First, you have to hold down the acceleration trigger to fire the gun in the first place.
    And second, you have to hold the acceleration trigger down AND press the normal trigger fast for semi-automatic. Not just hold the acceleration trigger and darts fly out.
    This is the worst Nerf ad ever. Period.
    PS: Where's the flywheel sounds!?

  5. MrMariotime123 says:

    No, it looks like the n-strike rayven

  6. Richard Savings says:

    He says 'rapid fire mode' suggesting that it has other modes, a bit misleading there.

  7. Ivan Mijangos says:

    my nefew has the gun but he is not even use it

  8. King Kraken says:

    Chicom !

  9. john matthew says:


  10. john matthew says:

    Elite rayven is the best.

  11. Reborn K says:

    this gun looks like famas ,SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY !!!

  12. thepuppendaali says:

    this is awesome gun! i love this! <3

  13. איתמר גבעוני says:

    so technicallly there is a sub series only for the rayven?

  14. kinglevidevicus VG says:

    This looks like the pdw from black ops 2 or the famas

  15. (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)BecauseICan( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) says:

    "Bullpup" Design.

  16. beth wright says:

    how much is one

  17. George Hassard says:

    me want firefly

  18. terrell jones says:


  19. Huib Boekholt says:

    super cool

  20. Jasmani Haron says:


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