NEW Inspector Gadget CGi Series in 2015!!!

NEW Inspector Gadget CGi Series in 2015!!!

The very first cartoon I watched when I was a kid returns. After 3 decades and 2 Animated Movies “not counting the live action films -_-“, the man with the gadgets is BACK for the next generation!!! No joke.

Though the artwork is sort of different from the original classic, but to all the retro nerds and fans of the original series “which I’m both by the way”.
Yes I notice that the opening is different along with Gadget’s HQ is hidden in a flower shop than a trash can.
The theme song sounds more like “Hall of The Mountain King” which the original song was based from and singing cross between a James Bond movie and Power Rangers.
Gadget’s message’s are holograms instead of paper.
The Gadgetmobile looks more modern.
Gadget’s voice sounds more like Dan Aykroyd.
Penny’s pants don’t look the same as the original.
Brain looking more like a dog than a cartoon.
Dr. Claw has a nephew.
And the Chief looks more like Commissioner Gordon from Batman.
Honestly, gotta keep up with the times, if you don’t like the changes, watch the classic and SHUT UP!

From the official press release from DHX Media:
“INSPECTOR GADGET is BACK! Dr. Claw has reactivated his global crime syndicate MAD. Only the bumbling Swiss army knife detective can stop him! With his niece, Penny and her dog Brain, Gadget must combat the sinister Dr. Claw (and his nephew TALON) who keeps trying to take over the world.”

The new series will premiere in 2015 on Cartoon Network USA, Teletoon in Canada, France 3 in France, and Super RTL in Germany.

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20 thoughts on “NEW Inspector Gadget CGi Series in 2015!!!”

  1. Angie McKelvy says:

    go go gadget golf club!

  2. Ali La loka says:

    como se llama el tema?

  3. Nayi Molop says:

    me encanta

  4. DPAce456 says:

    I really sick of this cheap CG shit.

  5. Mariandree Gl says:

    cool inpector gadgedt

  6. Aja Davis says:

    The old theme is so much better.

  7. Аружан Ганикызы says:


  8. freddie morales says:


  9. Dark Clefita says:

    Esta genial, pero el perro me da miedo D:

  10. Unsubscribe_To_Me_Thanks says:

    This is pretty alright, except when the guy says "GO GO GADGET GOOO" which i find really irritating.

  11. The Not-God Emperor of Mankind says:

    The song gave me Ebola and the CGI gave me The Black Death.

  12. Charlie Dunes says:

    Well,not quite the same as it would be,but at least ol'gadget's made a comeback. GO GO GADGET–ah tv memories.

  13. Finn E says:

    da hete ja ne ganse volge draus werden konen

  14. Tania Marin says:

    me gusta la musica

  15. Fretti :3 says:

    wtf is this shit

  16. Makoto Tachibana says:

    NOOOOOOO the animation looks so cheap and tacky why not use tradional 2-d it looks so much better! And the theme isnt as half good the original was stuck in my head for years and still is

  17. Doctor Gordon says:

    i'm not very fan of 3D…

  18. ImperialEarthEmpire says:

    while this new opening do not appeal to us… this is what kids nowadays want…

  19. killwill83 says:

    My god. This sounds like someone opened up the classic inspector gadget theme tune and laid a stinking turd in its place!!!!

  20. SurpremeDoesGaming Luke says:

    In my opinion they should have stuck with the original theme, the new one ruins it, overall the CGI is awesome

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