New iOS 8.2 Jailbreak iOS 8 Update: TaiG Vs iOS 8.2 Apple Watch, iPhone 6, iPad Jailbreak & More

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iOS 8.2 Untethered Jailbreak TaiG iOS 8.2 utility for Apple Watch, introduced via Apple’s 8.2 iOS update. Complete details on future 8.2.x firmwares can be found here:

Following the Apple Watch event, Apple’s 8.2 update isn’t supported by Mac PP or TaiG iOS 8 Jailbreaks for 8.1.2. This video highlights the latest 8.2.x Jailbreak updates.

1. Official Jailbreak 8.1.2 Untethered TaiG iOS 8.1.2 iPhone 6 Plus,6 5S,5C,4S, iPod 5 & iPad Air 2, Mini 3,4 Tutorial:

2. Apple Releases iOS 8.2, TaiG Jailbreak To Follow? Here’s What’s New In 8.2:

3. Patched 8.1.3 Jailbreak 8.2 Untethered TaiG iOS 8.2 Beta Update iPhone 6 Plus,6 5S,5C,4S,iPod 5 And iPad:

4. iOS 8.2 Released, Can I Jailbreak 8.2 And New TaiG Utility:

As always, it’s crucial that you avoid updating to iOS 8.2 to preserve your iOS device’s Untethered iOS 8 Jailbreak on 8.1.2!

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20 thoughts on “New iOS 8.2 Jailbreak iOS 8 Update: TaiG Vs iOS 8.2 Apple Watch, iPhone 6, iPad Jailbreak & More”

  1. Islama Videos says:

    hey icant download taig .everytime i try to download it says application not found

  2. Hasselmania says:

    I know this doesn't relate to the video but I gotta say I love your voice

  3. Nguyen Dennis says:

    Does ios 8.2 final jailbreak

  4. ‫فارس الشمري‬‎ says:

    Thank you

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  6. Damar Quary says:

    Is that the amazing looking IPhone 6 plus?

  7. Corra isthename says:

    Your fucking stupid 

  8. Chen6556 says:

    DONT DOWNLOAD FILE WITH THIS NAME "taiG_v1.2.exe" This virus destroys your computer!!

  9. Geometry Dash C7KO5 says:

    is there really a jailbreak for ios 8.2

  10. Steve Moseti says:

    your title is once again mischievously misleading… just sayn..
    how about something like… "iOS 8.2 Jailbreak Update"?

  11. Anthony Mellines says:

    is ios 8.2 now has jailbreak? is that thru in pangunow version 8.6 as posted on thier site? please anyone! is it safe?

  12. Anthony Mellines says:

    just seen a video from pangunow now with version 8.6 which can jaibreak final 8.2 ios thru dfu mode. was this safe?

  13. Елена Панина says:


  14. Chen6556 says:

    Where is the hack? stupid video!

  15. gee gass says:

    Lost my jailbreak today. Hope something happen soon.

  16. Bothen Sept-cinq says:

    La description en français s'il te plait

  17. Soul Eater says:

    What apple should do is that if you were to ever delete something it will copy and send an exact copy to a server where you could login and download it (I guess there are iclouds and shit but I mean like it auto copy and send it to the server). Now that would make apple supreme… I think.

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    Check out this video on YouTube:

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    Dis nigga talk too much

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