New ISIS Videos, Worst Cable News Videos, Future Technology | The Rubin Report

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Dave Rubin, Alonso Duralde and Max Lugavere discuss the newest ISIS videos, the problem with cable news and the videos that prove it, future technologies, and much more.

Topics include:

Part 1: ISIS Video: America Airdropped Weapons In Our Hands

Part 2: New ISIS Spokesman – an Australian Teen – Issues Warning

Part 3: New Ranking of the Most Trusted News Sources

Part 4: Al Sharpton Is Really Awful [COMPILATION VIDEO]

Part 5: This 10 Second Clip Is The Worst Cable News Video You’ll Ever See

Part 6: Every New Superhero Movie Coming Out From Now to 2020

Part 7: 5 Real Technologies That Will Soon Be INSIDE You

Part 8: Watch the Worlds First Hoverboard in Action

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11 thoughts on “New ISIS Videos, Worst Cable News Videos, Future Technology | The Rubin Report”

  1. mamashabooboo says:

    The irish potato famine happend becuase the english controlled most of the land for cattle grazing forcing the irish to become dependant on potatos since they dont need alot of space to grow.Infact after the famine started the english land owners still used the land for grazing and exporting beef to America.

  2. Nick Alison says:

    I gave it my best, got to 20 minutes and had to turn it off.

  3. Fyrian Phoenix says:

    I don't understand why he has taken on the accent of them… 

  4. Cast iron1969 says:

    This is not recent…..Thumbs down of course..

  5. ZorroinArkham says:

    The whole news anchor segment just brought Pop Trigger to my mind. Why's the sky blue, why's water wet, who gave Sam, Bree and Bret a show on TYT?

  6. lance huttsell says:

    Max headroom did it better..

  7. lance huttsell says:

    the news today is just bad talking heads videos…

  8. noangelsaroundme says:

    (13:00) Not any mention of a Democracy Now! news? –100% trustworthy.

  9. The1GuyRuben says:

    This is old

  10. PaperlessPaper says:

    I'm here

  11. PRO Productions says:


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