NEW Jailbreak 8.3 Untethered TaiG iOS 8.3 iPhone 6 Plus,6 5s,5c,4S,iPod 5 & iPad Mini 3, Air 2,4

iOS 8.3 TaiG Jailbreak Untethered Tutorial for iPhone 6, 5s, iPad Air 2, Mini 3 and more. Plus Download TaiG iOS 8.3 Jailbreak iOS 8 instructional steps and fix 20% stuck errors:

Further Jailbreak and iOS 8.3 updates, including information on TaiG iOS 8 for iPhone 6 Plus, 5S, iPhone 5, 4S, iPad Mini 3, Air 2, 4 owners available on Evasi0n Jailbreak:

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20 thoughts on “NEW Jailbreak 8.3 Untethered TaiG iOS 8.3 iPhone 6 Plus,6 5s,5c,4S,iPod 5 & iPad Mini 3, Air 2,4”

  1. donado xie says:

    TaiG has been stuck on 10% for hours. I can't close the program without damaging my iPad. Can anyone help me?

  2. Oscar Schenk says:

    Hey, TaiG keeps restarting my iPhone 4S. It's stuck at 20% and just keeps doing the same thing over and over again . It goes form restartying to restart sucesdful and then it goes to start, data processing and then it restarts again! Please help!!

  3. Dat Pootis Man says:

    do you have to have itunes on your computer? and if u do does it have to be a special version?

  4. Steven Bradley says:

    I have cydia, however i am not able to manage account and load apps. Transparentdock to be specific. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sam Crofts says:

    Does it work such as 12/10/15 ?

  6. Adorablecord918 says:

    Where the fuck is the link on the website if it's real jus put the download link

  7. Clifton McWilliams says:

    I am trying to jailbreak and keep getting stuck at 60% and can not restore my phone to 8.3 without having to update to 9.0, what should I do? thank you

  8. Clifton McWilliams says:

    do you still have the iTunes 12.0 downgrade link

  9. grytbakk1 says:

    sry didnt meen to call you dick but i dont like liers

  10. grytbakk1 says:

    you dick, there is no direct links to the downloads in the more info -.- I HATE PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT SAYS THAT
    but anyway i like your video, even tho i had to struggle to find the downloads on my own..

  11. Cabrio Beats says:

    these videos are confusing as fuck you said there was a 8.1.3 jail break here this guys sucha fruit

  12. Rishi narayanan says:

    I have iPhone 5c do I have to backup or will i lose all my apps I'm on 8.3

  13. Julian Kass says:

    This has to be the worst jailbreak tutorial i've ever seen holy shit, you made no sense at all

  14. Wild Cat says:

    icrack whats he itunes download link plz answer ;(

  15. mdj_llasyalslihp says:

    "Apple driver hasn't been found. Please download and install iTunes." I have it downloaded, I have TaiG V2.1.3 my iPhone is on 8.3.

  16. George K says:

    any help? mine says to register and buy the taig2 tool please guys, any help?

  17. UnrealPlayaz says:

    Yeah it fucked up my computer coz now I get fucking Trojan.gens from bloody Hao 123 that the Chinese cunts installed for me… ?

  18. Nezer Pashayev says:

    hi guys, don`t i have to back up my data?

  19. test123asda says:

    Will this work with my Apple samsung 6Negative?

  20. Cullen Guo says:

    Whenever I go through the installer in iTunes, it gets to a point and then rolls back because of an error. Anyone know what that could be?

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