New Samsung Mid-Tier Phones, Google Hangout Updates – Android Weekly

Jayce talks about the new mid-tier phablets coming out from Samsung and Google Hangouts update.

Good stuff

Desire 620 announced

Cyanogen and OnePlus

Nexus 5 end of production rumors

Google app updates

Android Wear Lollipop update

Galaxy A7 and E7 rumors

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20 thoughts on “New Samsung Mid-Tier Phones, Google Hangout Updates – Android Weekly”

  1. Phong Le says:

    I think google hangout is outdated compare to the all the Asian apps such as: LINE, Kakao, and WeChat.  Ever since I moved to Asia, these apps are the main form of communications from texting to calling.  Google Hangout is still a bit confusing, you still need to add people by gmail, I am lost as to how to find or text someone.  Google is trying too hard to sync everything from Google+, Gmail, and Hangout together, and it's becoming very confusing for the user to know where the main control panel of functionality is for hangout.  I think Hangout and Skype are slowly loosing momentum as the American market slowly picks up chat the Asian chat apps.  Even small a small country like Vietnam has a chat app called ZALO, which I find more user friendly than Hangout. 

  2. Leon MCculler says:

    The problem with Google Hangouts is advertising whenever I mention it a lot of people don't know what it is or don't even know the features that it has it has the ability to do regular text the only problem I found using it for calendar invite it doesn't allow them to show other than that every attachments that I tried seems to work

  3. AMcho says:

    I have a Note 4, which we all know is large. The ONLY reason I haven't bought a tablet is because I'm addicted to that darn SPen and canNOT afford either Note tablet. Bummer!

  4. DjStiv3 says:

    samsung & sony are flooding the market with phones.. some others too… i mean bro… all we need is maybe 3 or so from each… a dirt cheap option, an ok option and a flagship… why all these others? they had the mega, the note, now the edge, then theres the obvious galaxy line S and A now. Same goes for tablets.. my tab pro 8.4… the  FUCK is the biggest difference between it and tab S? and then theres the tab pro 4… wow
    sony does phones every 6mos… this is ridiculous

  5. ossie macca says:

    Geez, what happened to Samsung cutting down on the amount of different phones the produce each year. But still Samsung will always be top of the line for innovation. 

  6. Carmen Nooner says:

    Hey Jayce! Thanks for the video re. the Samsung mid-tier phones. Just one quick question though. What exactly IS a mid-tier phone?

  7. j29 says:

    Tablets are blown-up phones trying to replace your computers. Too big to be your phone, too incapable to be your computer.

  8. Ronald Grant says:

    hangouts is almost pefect

    it needs to be done in such a way that uses very little system resources when not being used for voice or video calls, so in other words it needs to be as light as the normal texting app initially.

    send voice notes.
    send video notes.
    attach any file type (that either transfers automatically or gives the user a link to ur drive where the file has been added so only then can retrieve it).
    allow both cameras to be used at once, like that samsung camera app, so show people what ur seeing as well as show them u.

  9. Brown Skinned Honey says:

    When will the A5 be available in the USA???? I need it in Pink ??

  10. Jeffrey “super61” McELroy says:

    I think google should import cell phone based Text messaging(Not google voice) over Hangouts. This would really Improve it and be more usable exspecially in a work setting. I use mightytext right now for my SMS and i wish i didn't have too. 

  11. Lindle Lee says:

    I really wish that you were right when you said that phones would down size.

  12. Ralph Miranda says:

    Hangouts still slow as crap with Dialer add-on/enabler?

  13. Abraham Soto says:

    Do you have any news of the Galaxy S6

  14. Ryan F says:

    Make Google Hangouts the default texting app for android phones and tablets. Start being more like a iMessage like apple has.

  15. aSuperSaiyanG0D Gaming says:

    That Galaxy Grand 3 reminds me alot of the LG Optimus Elite from Virgin Mobile/Sprint

  16. Trenton Matthews (Sunlight) says:

    One of the only ways that hangouts is gonna catch on, is Google getting the blind community more involved, and someone like me, who now owns a Chromebook, needs to get the word out, and be vocal about it!
    Most blinks sadly prefer Skype, or FaceTime, or even What's App, since more and more blind people talk, and talk, and talk about them constantly do to how good the accessibility was out of the box. They either wish to not use hangouts do to it not being accessible on iOS at launch, (since most blind folks won't even touch Android let alone a Chromebook,) or they feel that Apple and Microsoft have "done it right," and do not wish to wait for Google Accessibility  to catch up, (Android included.) Even though  I'm "successfully" typing this post on an Acer Chrome book 11 using the built-in screen reader, without  difficulty!

    Hangouts by the way does work with most screen readers which support  either Firefox or Chrome anything, the same with Google Plus. Even though they are both  quite accessible now on most platforms, , most blind folks continue to "stay" away from it, or only try it once.

    Summing up that long comment for this episode, most say Google Accessibility is "half-baked," and trying to swing the minds of the blind the other direction will be an extremely "gruesom" process.

    PS. Sorry for repeating things if I actually did so… 

  17. GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) says:

    I remember when I was using Hangouts all the time. I still enjoy using it when I have the time for it (hardly ever). I see a use for it when it comes to video messages. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't use voice mail anymore. I haven't used it since 2000. Once text messaging picked up it was all I needed. I can see hangout being used as a videomail service where if the person you dial to hangout with isn't available you can leave them a video to watch as a message. Sometimes a message won't be enough, but a video will always be more than enough in any case.

  18. smashbro5 says:

    Hmm interesting. I certainly would like a larger screen on my phone but without a large price tag. We'll see how cheap these devices really are. But even assuming they are within my price range, I'd still be worried about trying Touchwiz.

  19. Huey Freeman says:

    You're x-mas tree SUCK……………..u can do better than that!!

  20. Ammon Zambrana says:

    google needs to make hangouts a universal thing, so all of your kik, facebook, sms, whatsapp, and other messaging services can be accessed and you can have conversations. I dont know how google could do this, maybe get some sort of contract with these services, but if google does this, good luck on getting me off the hangouts app 😛 +Google+ 

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