New tools and toys from shars and automation technology mill (13)

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New tools and toys from shars and automation technology the mill is coming together but its taking some time hopefully you guys enjoy my video!!!
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7 thoughts on “New tools and toys from shars and automation technology mill (13)”

  1. James Galbraith says:

    I like the idea of dedicated tool holders and it is fun to see how things are progressing in your shop.  I just got my Shars catalog today and am enjoying going through it.  Thanks for mentioning them in one of your earlier videos as I didn't know they even existed.  Thanks for the videos and keep them coming. 

  2. CncShopMill says:

    Thats awesome hopefully one day I can say the same haha! I really appreciate your friendliness and willingness to help me out I may just ask for a work of advice one of these days!

  3. wb93612 says:

    If you need any advice or help just ask. I started out exactly like you. Just a small little garage hobby shop making parts for friends and my boss. I made my own CNC router to cut wood and my first metal mill was an old 1979 Tree that I upgraded to modern mach3 control. Blammo, word gets out and I get slammed with work AND I quit my day job. Now I have a full service CNC machine shop with half a dozen CNCs.

  4. CncShopMill says:

    Thanks man love the support! The current vice I have lifts up when you really clamp things down, So I know your pain haha Hopefully soon enough I will sell some custom parts and make enough to buy a tormach 1100 then a Haas TM-1P eventually 🙂

  5. wb93612 says:

    Along with your dedicated indicator holder leave dedicated egefinder holder. Two of the most used tools in my shop. May I suggest your first upgrade when you're up and running with some cash flow is a different vise. I started out the same way with a chinese vise and was endlessly frustrated by it. In the meantime have fun in your shop, congratulations, and good luck. Looks great. Thanks for posting.

  6. CncShopMill says:

    Very cool man I'm glad I gave you some insight about some of the tools at shars! Ya Im really impressed with the quality that they produce, you cant really beat it haha! I'll have to check out discount machine store thanks for the tip! Ya its a really fun hobby a little expensive but fully worth it! Have a good one, thanks for stopping by my channel!

  7. Shane Meltzer says:

    i just bought a 0-6" depth mic, 0-3" mic set, magnetic base and .0005 test indicator. the quality of the tools are pretty impressive for the cost. they are cheaper on ebay through discount machine store than the actual shars site. the magnetic stand i got was the hydraulic one, its different from yours but its really cool. anyway im sold on shars tools. no i just gotta convince my boss. nice setup. i hope to have a small at home shop some time.

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