Nexus 6: All About Android

Nexus 6: All About Android

Ron Amadeo talks about the Nexus 6 and demonstrates how on point the “OK Google” feature is on android.
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3 thoughts on “Nexus 6: All About Android”

  1. Owais Siddiqui says:

    The Double Nexus #GiveAway

    If anyone wants to enter. 

  2. Stylz4785 says:

    Lmao!!! Dude sound like kermit the frog

  3. Leandro Jack says:

    It's barely bigger than the Note 4 & the iPhone 6+ and the battery is the same size as the Note 4 & bigger than the iPhone 6+. It gets better battery life tat the 6+. My question to that dude is, was he bitching about the size of the battery in the iPhone 6+? I bet he wasn't. Every reviewer praised the 6+ battery life and the Nexus 6 lasts longer proven by mostly every review I've read so far so what is he really complaining about? All of a sudden you guys care what Huawei is doing in the mobile space?

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