Recon Gadgets Guide: SUAV, T-UGS, Motion Sensor, C4, MAV (Battlefield 4 Gameplay/Commentary)

Hey guys, today we’re going to learn about the recon gadgets and how to use each of them properly.

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25 thoughts on “Recon Gadgets Guide: SUAV, T-UGS, Motion Sensor, C4, MAV (Battlefield 4 Gameplay/Commentary)”

  1. Sigurður Már Gestsson says:

    he mav has a motion sensor but you have to be OPERATING IT to activate the

  2. Elite DeWolf says:

    Wow! Thanks so much levelcap, it helped alot :D

  3. Adammm Laaang says:

    What about using a PLD has binoculars
    And using thE SOFLAM has a camera when going up elevators to see if its

  4. Le Kipzs says:

    Ugh idk wich gadgets i should pick. I would have a much easier time
    deciding if only c4 wasnt added. Not saying c4 is a bad thing but the recon
    has so many other good gadgets to pick from. Any advice?

  5. Nathan Dalman says:

    I disagree with recons having c4. Just pisses me off.

  6. YourNightMare Mrnightmare123 says:

    …………….. rlly u didnt fucking do the MAV 

  7. TheLordofComments says:

    What’s also worth mentioning is that with the MAV you can destroy all sorts
    of gadgeds (not only beacons), including explosive, Mortars, Ammo Boxes,
    First Aid kits etc…
    I just had this recent match on Propaganda where our team was trapped in
    the spawn in rush due to a shere overload of enemy mortars making it hard
    to push through these tight corridors…
    Pull out the MAV, and you can pretty much annihilate enemy mortar support.
    and spot the hell out of the Enemies for your own mortars… This turned
    around the fight… one little recon turned the fight on a 64 man server…
    In the right situation and correctly used the MAV is just beast…. got 15
    spot Ribbons and destroyed 28 Mortars in one round ^^ was 3rd in scoreboard
    just with 9 kills

  8. Zephy the dragon says:

    you forgot to add that soflam’s and SUAV’s can capture points.

  9. JayDee92 says:

    “C4 on boats”

  10. GeekGamingAttack says:

    this was extremely useful 

  11. snowwolf120 says:

    you can still kill with mav just have to slam it in to some one but its
    also good for smacking people off roofs or blocking ladders 

  12. BattleFieldconquererSKT101 says:

    Thx for the info Lvlcap!

  13. nathan loe says:

    On Console there’s an achievement for roadkilling someone with the SUAV.

  14. Alans Abolins says:

    Where is engenier and assult class

  15. Chocolate Cherry says:

    Make sure you move away from your SOFLAM. Like move a good distance away.
    They can be locked on by Javs and things like guided missiles. I’ve lost
    count of how many kills I have got from javing a SOFLAM or Mortar.

  16. Billy Ashworth says:

    They need to remove the ability to parachute from a spawn-beacon because,
    in rush especially, I can drop C4 (if equipped) and detonate either in the
    air or in a safe place away from the explosives. It’s too easy!

  17. danewgui2 says:

    You can actually still get a roadkill with the MAV it is just incredibly

  18. King Puncher says:

    MAV projectile can destroy any mines, c4, SLAMs, etc.

  19. xdragonpkrx says:

    Hey guys, come check me out on twitch @ DARKLOTUS97. It would be
    appreciated if you like bf4 content you might like my streams! 

  20. TheIridesence says:

    For newer snipers, equip the PLD and use it as a range finder.

  21. Hampus Törnros says:

    He forgot the most important part! the SOFLAM and the MAV can capture
    objectives! just hide the SOFLAM at an objective and then use it when the
    objective is taken by the enemy to capture it back! PTFO while camping!

  22. TaaviUniver says:

    SUAV is too overpowered i got so many kill with it and im just only level
    11 :D

  23. Cross88 says:

    The PLD also works as a rangefinder. If you are into making precise
    adjustments to your scope, the PLD will tell you exactly how far away your
    target is.

  24. OverthereLook says:

    MAV can’t get roadkills but the suav can. No fun at all. dice, goodbye.
    Evolution, hello!

  25. Andres Martinez says:

    Is it me or do you unlock things faster in bf4 than bf3?

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