Rock Your Brain | Is Technology Eating Your Brain? | MTV News

Is your cell phone controlling your life? What is the long-term impact of technology on how we think? Maria Konnikova, New Yorker Contributing Writer and Author of ‘Mastermind,’ explains how technology is rewiring our brains.

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12 thoughts on “Rock Your Brain | Is Technology Eating Your Brain? | MTV News”

  1. fLip xpandeR says:
  2. Karthic D says:


  3. cary bary says:

    Those horrible long MTV ads eat your brain

  4. fLip xpandeR says:


  5. fLip Xpander conTemporary arT says:
  6. G Rose says:

    I agree. 

  7. LightsLuzLumos says:

    I think this video itself is an example of our short attention spans caused by technology. With all the bright flashing colors, animation, and constant jump cuts, it keeps your attention since there's always something different on the screen, rather than one continuous shot with fewer jump cuts.

  8. Raheem D says:

    Currently watching this video at 3am in bed on my laptop. So yeah, I see your point!

  9. marquis ealy says:

    I dig it. Gotta keep things in balance. I meditate 20 minutes daily. Helps alot with My ADHD

  10. Savannah Polica says:

    Theres like no one here lol

  11. Hidude says:

    yr bran es fein

  12. Connie Mercado says:

    First like and comment!!

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