Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.1.2 New Features: Notification Icons, 480p Flash Fix, Ink Effect

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.1.2 New Features: Notification Icons, 480p Flash Fix, Ink Effect

*Note 2 Tips & Tricks Table of Contents:
Android 4.1.2 New Features for Samsung Galaxy Note 2
1. Camera feature: Hold Volume to focus, release to take photo
2. Video feature: Press Volume to start recording, press again to toggle flash.
3. 480p Flash Video Works (if you have latest Flash Player Installed)
4. New Samsung Keyboard Feature: Cursor Control, Continuous Input (If you didn’t already have it)
5. Customized Notification Toggle Icons
6. New Notification Toggles: AllShare Cast, Smart Stay, S Bean, Driving Mode, Blocking Mode
7. Brightness slider can now be disabled, but who would do this? 🙂
8. Browser rendering improvements (3 examples, please confirm with 4.1.1)
9. Ink Effect with S Pen on Swipe lockscreen, and customizable ink colors.
10. Some devices may experience maximum brightness boost (Up to 400% from previous level)

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In order to cast a spinning reel, open the bale up, hold the rod with the right hand and the line with the index finger, leave a bit of line out, and then simply throw the line out. Discover how a spinning reel helps to prevent tangles with help from a fishing trainer in this free video on using a spinning reel.

Expert: Mark The Shark
Bio: Captain Mark The Shark is an expert on charter fishing for any type of fish.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


50 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.1.2 New Features: Notification Icons, 480p Flash Fix, Ink Effect”

  1. Wee Ching Chok says:

    I have a samsung duos i9082 with 4.1.2 but I don’t see the cursor control

  2. DarkwingDuckDK says:

    after i updated my galaxy note 2, i cant use volume buttons for zooming
    when taking still pictures :S? any help please

  3. Wayne Plant says:

    Hi, just wondering if you have any idea if or when hong kong galaxy note 2
    version LTE is getting 4.1.2

  4. Ben_WC says:

    Waiting for mine in Australia

  5. elsa3dany1 says:

    Just got it now ♥

  6. ETERNITY eat me, drink me says:

    Yes.. I have notice too my battery dies a little bit more earlier than it
    used to but its worth it…I got the multitasking…. 🙂

  7. Norwear says:

    Hello everyone. Today we finaly got the 4.1.2 update in Norway. For me the
    dedicated camera button is something I have been waiting for sinse I saw
    this video.

  8. Akshay Prince says:

    can we have to root the device for update ?

  9. Chathura Weerasooriya says:

    Hi Mike, I am using unlocked Note 2 with 4.1.1 but kies still shows that i
    am using the latest android version. I am in srilanka and my phone’s CSC is
    compatible with Middle east. 4.1.2 is released for both srilanka and midde
    east but i cant install it may be because i am using a middle east (CSC)
    phone in srilanka. So one person recommend to use odin and install 4.1.2
    firmware in middle east. So what do you think? should i install 4.1.2 using
    this odin software? Thanks…

  10. Ruben Syler says:

    I have Sprint and it just updated right now! It downloaded while I was

  11. Edgar Delovino says:

    Obviously this update will consume more battery than the previous version
    for some obvious reasons, add of functionality and aesthetics (ink effect
    on lockscreen when using spen when swiped), its like our habit of closing
    unused apps, because it consumes more battery because the cpu will still
    work for those apps on your background,

  12. The Daily Note.Net says:

    Good to know! Thanks dqresnme.

  13. Khaleel Shaikh says:

    Verzon got it today

  14. mekki99 says:

    What did it break?

  15. The Daily Note.Net says:

    If you open the app “Samsung Apps” you should be able to search for
    “Application Monitor”. Download and install it. And put the widget on your
    home screen. If you don’t have samsung apps, if you look in the description
    of tips and tricks episode 18, there’s a link for a backup of application

  16. Earleys' Channel - All kinds of Games says:

    It takes a while before everyone gets this update. You will get it, but it
    won’t be at the same time for everyone.

  17. 88radiant88 says:

    i also get the battery problem it drains fast, need some enlightment

  18. Kuwaitt t says:

    Its not work

  19. Kenneth Årethun says:

    Seems like the GPS is taking alot of power on my phone… Just turned it

  20. forgefwa says:

    you can change that in Settings>screen>notification panel

  21. FoodOnCrack says:

    I need no apps. I wont install anymore updates since i realised EVERY
    update for mobile devices actually downgrades them and forces you to buy a
    new phone. Peave oit

  22. TheMsiaddict says:

    I am using Avast and fine with it. The latest AVG just so annoying, even on
    laptop and it slows down my laptop.

  23. mohammed yasir says:

    I just got it yesterday

  24. Chito Bosque says:

    @abdhu same too me, it says I download the latest version. Need help someone

  25. TechCloud says:

    Cool video

  26. Esteban Scarano says:

    I have the same exact shimano reel

  27. Jersey X says:

    Thank You!!!!

  28. VoiD says:

    I am lost what is the use of free spool lever?

  29. Weston Atwood says:

    I’ve always used push to cast so I upgraded to one of these and have been
    having a bunch of issues, Thank you!!

  30. IllNino28130 says:

    thank you so much

  31. HRDLs says:

    This man right here needs a round of applause for the only person to know
    how to describe every little thkng and not skipping over anything, thank

  32. Hype Dex says:

    I’m so confused. I have a spinning rod, when I reel in it tangles and makes
    a big mess on the reel. Why?

  33. codyroxMC says:

    Thank you for teaching me this cuz i just got one today 

  34. ChipAND LolliBurst says:

    thank u

  35. Steve Fenton says:

    OK, I’m a novice, last time I did this was 12+ yrs ago, forgot how simple
    it was…..

  36. Elitesniper24 says:

    Do you need weights for spinning?

  37. mercmanmattias12 says:

    When casting can you put the bail back on to stop the line from going ?

  38. IPRANKTheFool says:

    are u right handed or left handed

  39. slashmatt12 says:

    good video explains everything without sounding like a ****.

  40. ruSSianhiPPos says:

    i have fished about 3 or 4 times but that was like 7 years ago so this
    video really helped thanks!

  41. XxDash2coldxX says:

    all i need to know is how to reel in this not helping me

  42. Elitesniper24 says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips! Just bought a spinning reel rod and hope your
    tips will help.

  43. lhtrf says:

    @Tazchurch if its klicking just tighten the drag, thats only thing that
    comes to my mind as im a newb myself, if i helped glad to help, if not then
    sorry i didnt 🙁

  44. Noble Russkie says:

    After you cast, set the bail/bale (sp?) in, so that it locks up the string.

  45. ali sahrai says:

    Nice vid. Can someone please tell me if this is a left, or right handed rod
    he is using? Thank you.

  46. Johnny Lopez says:

    Hi Marky could you tell me if this type of reel can be used for 100 pound

  47. yungagnes says:

    you solved my problem. i was really frustrated and now solved thanks

  48. Erasmo Mateo says:


  49. Benjamin Clevinger says:

    Awesome…I used your tips and now I am fishing with my first spinning
    reel. Thank you!

  50. rivalryleadguitar26 says:

    maybe I’m the first to put a comment in here! so, thanks for the lesson
    man. you really make ma proud oh you! actually, i have a spinning reel and
    i don’t know how to cast it. thanks for this lesson man. i’m wondering if
    you can post a link of one of your videos on techniques in saltwater
    fishing using the spinning reel. thanks

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