Samsung Galaxy S4 – Battery Performance

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Very simple tutorial on how to fix the iPhone home button free. No tools needed, no money needed all done through your settings.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


36 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 – Battery Performance”

  1. Chris Nacca says:
  2. Kemal P. says:

    Lol my phone lasted 9h and 22min till it hit 44%. This battery sucks. I’n
    going to get myself one of those ZeroLemon 7200mAh batteries

  3. Robert Laggy says:

    I get only 2h screen time with 33% left.

  4. Soufiane Azz says:

    Hi chris , remember when i was asking you for months wich phone to buy , i
    finally had a galaxy S4 , it’s an amazing device , very fast , excellent in
    games , just wow ..
    But , i found a problem in battery life , i have the original one made in
    corée , and the phone drain so much battery even with disabling every thing
    + economic mode + Low luminosity … It’s a problem from kitkat ?
    I lose 7% every 20/22 minutes screen on + Wifi , and yesterday i was in
    50% with 2h5min screen on , at midnight i was in 17% with 4h2min screen in
    , 5H30 wifi , and i few games ( 5minutes maximum )
    Thanks !

  5. TrollTelamon Troller says:

    I use alot with my s4
    And the battery dies around 6 hours wtf

  6. Greg Reid says:

    my 130 dollar moto e battery last a lot longer then my galaxy s4 it’s the
    touchwiz that kills the battery and all the features

  7. ThatoneGuy says:

    My battery Is bad even with all the smart functions off… why is It that?

  8. Melih SANLI says:

    My screen 4 hour :)

  9. Mueed Jamal says:

    phone i bought have a battery which says made in japan is it fake ? but it
    has been more than 5 hrs screen time .. phone is on battery from 24 hours
    .. and still 12 % remaining ! Original batteries are made in korea i
    believe … do you know how to check if the battery is original ?? is there
    anything on battery mentioned ? or any details ? appreciate it :)

  10. Faizan Ali says:

    I’ve Samsung galaxy S4 GT-i9505 I mostly used for Texting, fb whatsapp WiFi
    on all the time smart functions are off, I’m living in good coverage area
    no background app, no running process, low brightness but only get 4 hour
    screen time on like 12-15% left is it good or should I get replacement or
    the battery is normal??

  11. MonkGuns77 says:

    I just recently got an S4, and i noticed that my iPhone 4S battery was
    slightly better. I wake up and take it off charge with 100% but then i use
    it for like 20 mins bfor school and it normally ends up at like 89%. But
    then i leave it in my pocket for all 7 hours of school. Not touching it the
    battery goes down to around 60% from no use. Then i finally use it when i
    get home and get about an hour of that time in then i have to charge it. Is
    this normal?

  12. Aleksandar Angelov says:

    Help.. when my s4 is turned off, it show 100% charged, when i turn on the
    phone, and i look at battery, it show 0% (battery icon is empty)

  13. Abhishek kumar says:

    the battery sucks a lot in this device and also there is somewhat

  14. Za3eemawe says:


  15. M Butt says:

    I got s4 about 6months ago and my battery life is very bad. So i got a new
    1 from samsung. I noticed i used fb fr an hour and 30% battery finshed.. is
    this normal. 

  16. Bexar says:

    I´ve got a question I hope to get answered
    On a daily basis I text ALOT(!!!) (200-300) Going in and out of my phone
    pr. day, but I don´t use Facebook and Youtube that much on my phone on a
    daily basis.

    I play games a bit, but not daily.

    How do you think the battery is gonna cope with that?

  17. teamkilo1 says:

    my s4 battery is terrible. 10min whatsapp convo cost be 3% battery on
    wifi/auto brightness/no background apps.
    i am really shocked at not just this example, but also the fact that if i
    have the screen on for more than 10 mins doing something as simple as
    writing notes, i can see the % drop. the battery is great with screen off,
    say about 3% an hour on wifi, but that doesnt mean i should be scared to
    use my phone because it drains like crazy when screen is on.
    maybe ive just been spoilt by having used a Moto G with heavy use and
    getting 24hrs battery with 6hs screen on.

  18. M Butt says:

    I got my new battery a week ago. Last night i had 50% battery and now in
    morning my phone was switched off. When i turned on battery was totally
    dead. Is their something wrong with my phone

  19. M Butt says:

    I got s4 about 6months ago and my battery life is very bad. So i got a new
    1 from samsung. I noticed i used fb fr an hour and 30% battery finshed.. is
    this normal. 

  20. Revert Revert says:

    Hey, I recently started to experience that my Samsung galaxy s4 i9505 turns
    itself off at around 50-70% battery left and when I try to start it again
    it just failstarts over and over again untill I plug a charger in. Do you
    happen to know what the problem might be? its REALLY frustrating!

  21. zochar1135 says:

    My battery life was on my Galaxy s4 simply awful so I returned it and got a
    new one but it was the same story.I was not able to get a full day.This is
    my day:At 6;30 AM I go to school,I use calculator,notes,camera,internet on
    3G without wifi turned on and at 3:00 PM it was at 10%.Currently I have an
    iphone 5S and it has at 3:00 PM 35% …I am quite dissapointed with Samsung…I
    will probably never buy a samsung phone anymore. 

  22. JSantana319 says:

    The Note 2 has the best battery life. Easily 6-8 hours of screen on time.

  23. Anew2012 says:

    That’s awesome that he addresses screen on time because that’s when you’re
    using the phone. Cool

  24. USCxGAMECOCKS1801 says:

    I went to sleep with mine charged at 100% last night and woke up and it was
    at 87%, is that normal? I switched from an iPhone to this S4 and my iPhone
    when not being used, would stay pretty firm from 100/99% charged if not

  25. herdamarek1 says:

    now im confused….

  26. BoomerSkillz says:

    Thanks so much my buddy trolled me on my iPhone 5s and it was annoying the
    hell out of me and i didn’t know how to get rid of it…but then i saw this

  27. Reuben van Dorp says:

    Thank u 4 this I recently recieved a portable ios charger 4 my iPod 4 and
    that solved my problem with a worn out battery, my home button was stuck
    down in the screen and would work with pressure but then stopped working
    all together, but now u show me that I can do this thank u, I have had it
    for 2 years, THIS WAS SO USE FULL TO ME!!!!

  28. olu Adekaiyaoja says:

    thx alot! very useful 

  29. orient jewel says:

    thanks a lot

  30. Shane Cable says:

    Thanks for helping me

  31. Tommy Evans says:

    thanks. my iphone button fell out and now it works bro legeeend!!!!!!!!!!

  32. DHTV - Dan says:

    no problem.

  33. JesusJanica says:

    good video 🙂

  34. DHTV - Dan says:

    Wow! Never seen that happen before, glad this helped with the home button.

  35. DHTV - Dan says:


  36. Bogdan-Gabriel Duţă says:

    That’s not somethig new

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