Samsung Galaxy S4 – How to improve battery life!

Have a Galaxy S4? Do yoy want to have the best battery life possible? Check out our great list of tips and tricks on how to improve your battery life on your Galaxy S4!

Also, check out our other video on how to improve your Android’s battery life! –

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25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 – How to improve battery life!”

  1. Egyptian Egyptian says:

    the s4 battery is beyond garbage

  2. donvillo1 says:

    This video drained 3% of my battery

  3. russell dixon says:

    Will this work on the samsung galaxy s4 10.1 tablet

  4. Cameron Jowers says:

    What weather app are you using on this phone 

  5. ajmal Binkhader says:

    very good informations

  6. Gherghei Alfred says:

    If you want to improve your galaxy s4 battery life do this, un check the
    location option and leave just the locate by gps only. It worked for me. 

  7. Fran Šostar says:

    This guy must be from Canada.

  8. Jayde Ash says:

    Thanks For Sharing 

  9. Vfor Virtue says:

    How do you get the Mobile Data option in your pull down section? 

  10. Fran Šostar says:

    He just embarrased Android Authority.

  11. Mark Walls says:

    “Are you frustrated by” looking like a pretentious douchebag? Get some bass
    in your voice and quit dressing like a wannabe hipster-thug…

  12. dannyville211 says:

    watching on my s4…

  13. Josy Bon says:

    Absolutely right! Several apps are the main reasons why batteries usually
    drain. And in order to prolong the life of the battery, you need to turn
    off those apps. In my case, I bought new battery from amazon (@
    because my battery needs replacement and I’ve got the phone less than 2

  14. nasonex blue says:

    Horrible battery life. The very worse! Nice features but the poor battery
    life overshadows them.

  15. Kenjh71 says:

    So the solution is to turn off most of the things that makes this phone
    special? I bet that makes the high price tag a whole lot easier to

  16. Fran Šostar says:

    Is he gay or sth?

  17. lassi623 says:

    Whats that clock widget?

  18. Martin Nielsen says:

    This guy… I want to punch him in the face. But not only one time.

  19. Kameel says:

    Use WiFi when you can, use the lowest brightness as possible.

    That’s all 😉 I get around 6-7 hours of screen on time daily with my
    brightness on Auto -5.

    Also make sure that your phone enters deepsleep, if it does, then you
    should not worry about battery life ;)

  20. MrMorganZZ says:

    hey could you please tell me what that background is and where u got it
    from please i really like it

  21. SkillsoulXD says:

    Where did you get that Wallpaper. I want that same

  22. Ben Warburton says:

    You failed to mention the real culpirts, the programs that are running in
    the background like yahoo mail, facebook, etc, even after you have shut
    them down, they start back up in the background. I use Greenify

  23. Alexandr Supertramp says:

    Please help whether update not works how i can fix it?

  24. Philip Ebhomielen says:

    All I did was get a free app called the battery doctor. It saved my life

  25. Parodyst1 says:

    lol. What happened to that guy

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