Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips and Tricks #27: Google Now Shortcuts

Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips and Tricks #27: Google Now Shortcuts

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Google Now, want it right now, well here’s how to get it… now!

Google Now is the integrated search facility and dispenser of information that’s relevant to you and here are two shortcuts to it.

The first method is to press and hold the home button until the task manager list appears. There is a small Google button in the middle at the bottom. Press that and it will whisk you off to Google now.

And the even more efficient way to do it is to press and hold the menu button when you are on the homescreens. That, again, will take you straight to Google Now.

A tiny tip, but it’s tip number 27 and these beauties are starting to add up. Stay tuned for more. Thanks for watching.

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    I deleted my google search bar somehow, how I can get it back?

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    Access google now with quick shortcuts:

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    Thanks for another handy tip.
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