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How to Downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7

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Learn how to downgrade from windows 8 to windows 7 without losing any data. Follow this tutorial to learn how to do so.

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In this tutorial, we will guide you how to downgrade from windows 8 to windows 7 with only a factory reset disk and still keep your files. Using this method, you will even have the user account you used to login with.

Step 1 — Restart your computer

Downgrading from windows 8 to windows 7 is not a difficult task.
For this tutorial, we have already created a bootable windows 7 dvd and inserted it in our CD rom.
With that done, let’s open up the run command and type shutdown –r to restart your computer.

Step 2 — Continue with the installation

Once the computer restarts, you will see the following window on your screen. Simply press any key to continue with the installation.

Step 3 — Select windows setup

Now you will see two options, Windows Setup (EMS Enabled) and X64 Recovery Mode (EMS Enabled) Select the first option and hit the enter key.

Step 4 — Installation settings

Now you will see the windows7 installation window. Overt here, select the language, time and currency, keyboard input method and then click on the next button.

Step 5 — Install Now

With that done, another window will open up and then click on Install Now.

Step 6 — Custom Options

Now another window will open up, asking you which type of Installation you want. Over there, click on the Custom (Advance) option.

Step 7 — Select partition

Now select the partition where Windows 8 was installed and then click on the Next button.

Step 8 — Where do you want to install windows

With that done, this will notify you that the partition you selected might contain files from a previous windows installations. Over here, click on Ok to move on with the installation. Once you are done the installation will get started. The installation will take some time but once completed, you will see the windows 7 login screen. In this manner, you can downgrade from windows 8 to windows 7.

Step 9 — Existing user name

You’d notice that your user name has not changed. This means that this method has also saved your login credentials along with the rest of the data.

Step 10 — Data still present

Here in the desktop, you will see that the folder which was placed on the windows 8 desktop is also present on here.
And that’s it. In this manner, you can downgrade from windows 8 to windows 7.

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50 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Star Gaming Playback Temple Run Jetpack Joyride Fruit Ninja & Dead Trigger”

  1. Ritesh Yadav says:

    ! Turn of ur data or wifi
    And clean the ram
    Ur game will perform well
    And we can aslo gta like games but it will lag bit

  2. Lorddious Syth says:

    This phone will run ps1 emulator without lags?

  3. Majde ABU GUSH says:

    for download a game and program for the phone download aptoid for android 

  4. ProggaParomita SinghyaRoyBarmaan says:

    I need the good gamming list of Samsung S5282.. do u provide ?

  5. سجاد الاسدي says:


  6. Nanc Handziuk says:

    but when i play temple run 2 with my phone, it lags badly but ur device
    isn’t.. and you have more games compared to mine… 

  7. apar riar says:

    I have that phone

  8. anas mardini says:

    can u give me the link to download “dead trigger” plz !!!

  9. aqw dragons says:

    Is this sumsung galaxy pocket duos!!!!!
    ! And if yes how do you make the system like that the Android version is

  10. Jose Marie Lim says:

    Amazing no lag!!what app u have thier for lag!!?is that rooted??

  11. long nguyen says:

    i love it

  12. gio mike says:

    hey when i launch game he writes : download write please helppp

  13. Victor Gredinaro says:

    Brasil U.U o Primeiro o Brasileiro a comentar 

  14. vishal king says:

    hw did u dead trigger on this phn ihv downld from nt bt not

  15. bunda sarah says:


  16. gopalonline says:

    Vice City works perfectly

  17. srujan barai says:

    dude obvio fruit ninja will lag. You got a bunch of games running in the
    background. Y U NO stop em first. -.-

  18. The Guy Behind U says:

    How the fuck can that piece of shit run dead trigger

  19. Richard Chavarría says:

    chucha ya me tienen arrecho porque verga no ponen los link mejor no suba ni
    verga si no ponen los link

  20. The Amazing Tim says:

    stop all the applications and play on only one

  21. Beast gaming says:

    How do you get Dead Trigger and Temple Run 2 ?

  22. Amit Rawat says:


  23. R Logesh says:

    seekaram vanganum da intha molbilela,..

  24. james bond says:

    is this phone screen clarity has same as galaxy y or better than galaxy

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  26. Versifyd says:

    Downgrade…. lol more like upgrade to windows 7.

  27. Jake Estigoy says:

    Need a little help here…
    It says windows cannot find “shutdown-r”

  28. BoOs CTS says:

    Is the same with windows 8.1?

  29. ChUpraKa says:

    Windows 8 sucks ass

  30. BikersForLife100 says:

    will it work on a toshiba labrop because thats what i have. Will it work?

  31. BoOs CTS says:

    I love You dude’=’

  32. adnaan haque says:

    Do I still need the cd if I wanna lose my data?

  33. BikersForLife100 says:

    If i buy the windows 7 disc?

  34. Fi Amaranth says:

    Is the CD required?

  35. Tactical Edits #SharAbstracts says:

    will u lose files?

  36. DriteroCari says:

    Short and to the point!

  37. LetsCraftAway says:

    Say I bought a PC with Win8 and I wanted to downgrade to Win7 (hence the
    title of this video), were would I find a Win7 disc for that type of PC?
    (I’m only asking this because I wonder whether there are Win7 discs for PC
    that come with Win8)

  38. steven toh says:

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    can windows 7 usb installer work ?

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  42. Juan Sebastian Mantilla Quintero says:

    Thanks man!!!! U saved me!!!! 

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    Can someone give me download links to all the drivers for the disk?

  44. Bruiser says:

    Thank you!!!

  45. GiaGio808 says:

    I have the crack version so. I don’t know hot to fix it ._.

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    I want to downgrade from 8.1 to 8 because blank spaces have automatically
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  50. TheSnowmanTheSnowdog says:

    Is this using VMWare

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