Sand tunnel collapse kills man on popular North Carolina beach

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A man on vacation at a popular North Carolina beach was killed when a sand tunnel he dug caved in on him. David Frasier, 49, of Fredericksburg, Virginia was vacationing with his family on Cape Hatteras beach.

According to reports, Frasier dug two holes approximately six feet deep. He climbed into one of the holes and was attempting to dig a tunnel connecting them when five to six feet of sand fell on in, burying him alive.

It took family members and other beach goers nearly 15 minutes to dig Frasier out of the sand. A nurse who happened to be on the beach administered CPR but sadly, he died at the scene.

Park rangers are cautioning vacationers to avoid digging holes more than knee deep.


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20 thoughts on “Sand tunnel collapse kills man on popular North Carolina beach”

  1. Im Deyz (Impheakdey) says:

    Rip 50 years old man

  2. malachi paynes says:

    If he was a true minecraft player he would have never done that.

  3. Baran Koca says:

    Sad so so so sad

  4. LightWarrior says:

    Sand is unstable, unpredictable material. It is fine-grained, digging someone out of it is nearly impossible once it collapses, and it is so dense that oxygen cannot pass through it down to you if you are buried underneath it. Does it really require much thought or intelligence to figure out you SHOULD NOT dig down underneath and tunnel YOURSELF under it?

  5. Leah Manzow says:

    It reminded me of minecraft

  6. Carvel Peele says:

    this guy doesn't play Minecraft. that's for sure

  7. Ursula Ansley says:

    The sand will burn there eyes?????

  8. Boss Theory says:

    this shit is funny

  9. White Of Good, Black Of Bad says:

    I would've ran to the side with the opening. 

  10. Legofan900 Productions EDCP™ says:


  11. edenian jade says:

    I cried watching this

  12. dvdfan100 says:

    he should have suck to making sandcastles instead, what was he thinking !!!.

  13. cheeze puff says:

    anybody else thought of tom and jerry when they saw the pic for this?

  14. cheeze puff says:

    some people do the stupidest shit from the most harmless things

  15. The Unknown Minty Fox says:

    Remember kids don't god holes dat r deeper den ur knees or else u get sand in ur bum XD

  16. Jheytee tanhueco says:

    This TomoNews thing is all true??? 

  17. max mad out says:

    Tomo tunes =crap

  18. DecaKittyChan Channel says:

    He could of dug a little hole for him to breath a little, the could have spat so he would know which way was up and which way was down and dig from there…

  19. Dahmir Dennis says:

    White people ? 

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