Sphero 2.0 Review – Apps, Driving, and Swimming with Orbotix Spherical Robot

I like robots. I like robots a lot. Reading Asimov as a little kid, I thought being a robopsychologist was a real job. It wasn’t, but Orbotix might just have the next best thing. Rolling out their updated Sphero 2.0 robot, I was really excited to get my hands on one. Let’s open it up, and take Sphero for a spin!

I only managed to get two “ball” puns into this description. I hope to see more puns in the comments on this video!

For more info on Sphero: http://www.gosphero.com/

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20 thoughts on “Sphero 2.0 Review – Apps, Driving, and Swimming with Orbotix Spherical Robot”

  1. TheBearorist says:

    thats a big fuckn hot tub

  2. Veljko Craft says:

    app name pls?

  3. Itz_ZOMB1F13D says:

    I am wondering if I should get this or the sprk edition but I don't like the see threw design

  4. xredline07x says:

    First review i've seen of your's, looking to get a Sphero myself! I think you just convinced me, haha! Keep up the great work!

  5. Corgi Corgington says:

    $110-179 dollar thing is expensive but I want one but I can only get one from amazon

  6. Joshua Cole says:

    I want one

  7. Palash Shah says:

    it doesn't go over ramps ..it needs more speed I think

  8. Palash Shah says:

    my sphero got scratched while rolling on marble..but its still awesome

  9. Cagdas Aras says:

    THAT my friends is what i call a review! A whopping 16 minutes of knowledge goodness :)

  10. tata vrtac says:

    wich app did you use?

  11. acash93 says:

    I can see the potential of sphero as an adult toy

  12. Gabe Gauthier says:

    And Juan great review keep them up

  13. Gabe Gauthier says:

    Captain bronco your dad didn't do the effects btw because they worked as a team to do not oh I stole yours it's mine now no that doesn't work like that soo come up with a better lie next time

  14. Jamie Hall says:

    I really want to get it!

  15. Michael Landa JR says:

    where do i get one

  16. David Bowie says:

    Sphero looks shito

  17. Anthony DeForrest says:


  18. Major Bronco says:

    This company is trash they layed off my dad He made the whole layout he made the effects for all the games

  19. The Friend Army says:

    11:33 haha that laugh 

  20. Carolina Castillo says:

    I just got sphero today and I love it!!?

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