Sphero Ollie – Unboxing/Setup/Review – Hottest Toy of 2015

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20 thoughts on “Sphero Ollie – Unboxing/Setup/Review – Hottest Toy of 2015”

  1. Worg says:

    I was going to buy the bb8 sphero but it seems too limitted in its abilities so im thinking i want the darkside ollie. I wonder though it would be cool if they made bigger tires. Something to give it more cushoning for harder drops or hits or wider tires for faster tighter turns without flipping? Idk havnt driven one… Yet. $125 for my darkside so i will prob know by tomarrow.

  2. ahmed raza says:

    amazing product

  3. Jana Barroga says:

    Your video is cute:p
    Check out my channel let me know what you think of it?
    Have a gfantasticreat day!
    Subscribe if you like it thanks

  4. Aksh A says:

    where did you get yours

  5. KaitouTheMobzz says:

    When i first time driving it i dont know what am i doing but now im a pro
    Advise from me if you think its so hard to controll
    If ollie is going crazy for example you are going forward but it goes backwards it means that ollie is not aimed
    Try fixing its aim in the bottom right corner thats all ;)

  6. Alberto Madejon says:

    Buen video  el mas completo de youtube me encanto
    Good video it`s the most full of youtube. I liked it
     Sorry for my bad english

  7. amiya soogrim says:

    Does it work with the iPhone 6?

  8. paethepie bettydubstep says:

    in 6:39 he was flipping me off lol

  9. Konstandinos Dabi says:

    i dont know if i should buy sphero 2.0 or ollie

  10. Butt Cheek says:

    Was the ramp and shirt a free extra or did you guys order them? 

  11. Robert Kunce says:

    Well done

  12. EpicChallengeB says:

    can i charger plug into the iphone charger? because my pc broke, so don't got one right now.

  13. jack charge. says:

    How did you get that ramp for it because the other ones are rubbish

  14. SneezyDwarf716 says:

    Does it work with iPads

  15. jake andrews says:

    Honestly.. Is it worth the money? And great video mate! Enjoyed it

  16. The Diabetic Gamer says:

    The kid was kinda annoying, I am not trying to hate, but he was annoying

  17. Tanki Mark3000 says:

    Is It Water Proof?

  18. mc_jerias Plays minecraft says:

    good job 

  19. MrVideogames94 says:

    To drift, remove the tires and go to the options and choose "Drift mode"

  20. Arctic Fox says:

    In there daddy lol he's so funny

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