The First, Simplest and Most Useful Nexus 9 Tip

Quite possibly the simplest, yet undoubtedly once of the best tips for your Nexus 9 that you will use every time you go for the tablet! Welcome to the beginning of HTC Nexus 9 Video Gadgets Journal Tips and Tricks

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Welcome to the very first Nexus 9 Tip and as by way of introduction, whenever you see a blue theme on one of my videos you will be watching a tip, trick or tutorial.

For more tips and tricks check out the playlist at the end of this video.

Right, so as I said this is the simplest tip to use on you HTC Nexus 9 and it saves a lot of time. Traditionally to wake your table from sleep you would need to press the power button which is located on the side of the tablet like this. It’s small, a little out of the way and requires a bit of effort.

But the Nexus 9 has a trick up its sleeve. When the tablet is locked the entire screen is one giant unlock button that simply requires a double tap like so.

While this will save you mere seconds, over the course of the tablet’s life, activating the screen in this way is much more convenient and will become second nature in no time.

From now on, a lot of my videos will begin with a double tap so get used to it.

If you didn’t know this trick then I’m glad to be of assistance. Stay tuned for countless more tips and tricks of increasing complexity and intrigue. This is going to be one enlightening journey!

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