The Sega DreamQuest – Episode #2 – Cory Szamier’s Huge Package!!!

The Sega DreamQuest - Episode #2 - Cory Szamier's Huge Package!!!

BitBox Game Cases –
Cory Szamier –
Dreamcast Games that I need…. Updated Jan 20th.
Aerowings 2: Airstrike
Bang! Gunship Elite
Charge ‘N Blast
Chicken Run
Coaster Works
Disney’s Dinosaur
Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm
Donald Duck Goin’ Quackers
Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves
Floigan Brothers
Giga Wing 2
Gunbird 2
Gundam: Side Story 0079
Looney Tunes Space Race
MagForce Racing
Mars Matrix
Midway’s Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 1
Midway’s Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 2
Mr. Driller
Next Tetris: On-line Edition, The
Omikron: The Nomad Soul
Psychic Force 2012
Razor Freestyle Scooter
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2
Record of Lodoss War
Red Dog
Sega Bass Fishing 2
Seventh Cross Evolution
South Park Rally
Speed Devils Online Racing
Sports Jam
Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Power Battles
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Stupid Invaders
Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition
Tech Romancer
Who Wants To Beat Up A Millionaire

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20 thoughts on “The Sega DreamQuest – Episode #2 – Cory Szamier’s Huge Package!!!”

  1. Liquid Wayne-O says:

    So awesome! Small world!

  2. media glitch says:

    lol his package

  3. lozz0dnb says:

    Was the Huge Package title a big dick pun ? ha

  4. Squiggles2O13 says:

    I remember getting my dreamcast from a pawnshop and the only games I ever got was Zombie Revenge, Wacky Races and Sonic Shuffle. I can't wait to get one again and start collecting. It seemed like a great system.

  5. swordsmanGFX says:

    i bought guilty gear 2 overture for 360 and i was excited… IT SUCKS

  6. WhoaNellyJake says:

    Do you actually use the Bitbox game cases that are from your sponsor?

  7. Dumpster Marcus says:

    GREAT package.   i will need to check out his channel!  

  8. Mychael M says:

    That double impact copy complete was an insane ending lol

  9. Gamer Alley VT says:

    I have a burned copy Disney magical Racing as Well as 1937 racing I think I'm gonna pick up a Dreamcast again it's my Second Favourite system of all time next to SNES

  10. JohnConnor333 says:

    I wish i could go back in time and buy a bunch of dreamcast systems when they were only 50 bucks.

  11. SSJGodSSJared says:

    selling my dreamcast if anyone is interested:  i only ship within the United States (all 50)

  12. Round2GamingChannel says:

    That's a huge set of games to knock of your list man – awesome! Really glad you're getting the support of the community. Hope you have an awesome time in Cuba!! 

  13. Some Gut says:

    Hey cjr r u going to complete any other systems?

  14. TheTinyGamer 1307 says:

    i'm so jealous
    I wanna collect games/systems but my parents say a ps3 and an xbox one is enough
    plus my laptop is awful and not built for gaming or anything in general :(

  15. SHN Survival Horror Network says:
  16. SHN Survival Horror Network says:

    awesome !

  17. RetroBitPanda says:

    Magical Racing Tour is a fun little racer! I have it on the PS1 and I love it.

    Good luck on your quest!

  18. videogameguy says:

    Great vid keep up the great work

  19. TheFleaX says:

    I shopped around my local game stores and got some deals with make offers on Ebay and knocked 11 games off my list. You can see my pickups I got in the link below.
    Only 36 games to go for my complete collection. 🙂 
    Good luck on your Quest.

  20. oasisbeyond says:

    Thanks Cory for your awesome package :)

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