The Ultimate Exo Squad Collection: Updated for 2012

The only figures I need now are:
#1 cyberview Phaeton
#2 cyberview Bronski
#3 Gridiron JT Marsh (the holy grail of Exo Squad toys)
#4 any Tech wars figures I can find – new in box.
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8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Exo Squad Collection: Updated for 2012”

  1. nirvanaoal says:

    Dude your collection is AMAZING i am also an collector i have them all except the CyberView series SOOOOOO Hard to find. I noticed you didnt have the Exo-Squad/Robotech figures any reason why?

  2. bigtruckseriesreview . says:

    You can always buy Marsh on Ebay for around $40. I'm gonna buy another one eventually if I see it cheaper than $30.

  3. Mr. Peter Stevens says:

    I only had maybe six or so pieces. Marsh's E- Frame was my favorite. Wish I still had it.

  4. 4thecollectors27 says:

    this my collectors page this is also dm6 i lucked out when i found them the didnt have any more check out my pick up video i wanna get a few more on down the line im not looking to complete the set i need at least 5 and im cool with that

  5. Raymond Roswell says:

    Hello, is there any if you get some from the flea market, willing to sell 1?

  6. rog irwin says:

    badass dude! sum memories!

  7. dm6testa777 says:

    tight i just got 2 from a fleamarket 5 a piece imma get a few more

  8. Clemsonswallows says:

    U got a jam up collection bro.

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