TLDR: Tons of iOS & Android Updates!

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Apple seeds iOS 8 beta 2, Apple TV OS beta, Yosemite beta update

Kim Kardashian is getting her own video game – is cartoonified

A 3D printer is headed to the space station

IE gets a Dev channel

Fruit Ninja apps free on iOS today

Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast – free today for 30th anniv

Facebook launches Slingshot for iOS – Snapchatty?

If I Ran the iTunes Zoo… This is What I’d Do!

I just posted my HTC One M8 Review:

TGIF Preview – How to Cosplay + Bloopers!

Harvard Scientists Send the First Transatlantic Smell via iPhone

Cable TV boxes become 2nd biggest energy users in many homes

iOS 8 supports recognition of objects of various size

THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS – EPISODE II will draw the curtain on the examination of the most complex relationship between a creator and his fans in the world of popular culture, asking the question: what does the future of STAR WARS look like without George Lucas?

“Weird Al” Yankovic’s MANDATORY FUN out on July 15th!

Patron Hangout this Weekend

Oyster now available on Android – a “Netflix” for eBooks

Audible Bonus

Nike finally introduces a Fuelband app for Android

eBay Launches “eBay Valet,” An iPhone App That Does The Selling For You

Qplay for iPad – A Flipboard for Video

What Would You Do to Make a Dream Come True?
asked by Jason Baroni


20 thoughts on “TLDR: Tons of iOS & Android Updates!”

  1. podcastbard says:

    Phantom power, does it come from the phantom zone?

  2. podcastbard says:

    ITunes need to be online. I buy my music on Amazon. Enough said. So say we all.

  3. Danny Dawson says:

    The. You. Tube. App. Is. Deleting

  4. Nguyen Dang says:

    U rock bro 

  5. phenombomb says:

    11:28  Made alot of sense. I feel like I have all of these social feeds and I still don't know when things are happening. I never know about a live stream until its already going on.

  6. badnessofhour says:


  7. Sam Anderson says:

    Canary build of Chrome is pretty funky

  8. Matthew Sharpe says:

    I'd get one of those soap dispensers, but I have a 3 year old, and can imagine walking into the bathroom to find a huge pile of soap in the basin and a very amused toddler.

    Oh, and Chris, why don't you do Tech videos any more! I joke, I joke.

  9. Nate W Thibodeau says:

     My Comcast box uses about 2 watts off an around 17 on. Older boxes…may use more power.

  10. Paul Crowe says:

    Since you are star wars geek, do you know that we have here in the UK a A full-scale 1:1 Millennium Falcon for the new star wars movie.

  11. Luis Serrano says:

    Chris, there is gravity everywhere. They are constantly falling. 

  12. Luis Serrano says:

    Chris, I hope they ban that game from Twitch Tv.

  13. Patrick F C Bronsema says:

    TLDR: Tons of iOS & Android Updates!:

  14. ravenryuu says:

    Glad you like the bobble head Vader Chris 🙂 sorry it didn't make it to you until after Father's Day. As for my channel… I don't have anything uploaded. I'm pretty much a content consumer 🙂 but I appreciate the mention in today's TLDR!

  15. Eqwan Syafiq says:

    B +
    Its not just a blood type.

  16. Curtis Coburn says:

    I binged it. Big Good fan I am, however I use bing. Bing rewards is amazing. 

  17. Dean Goldbaum says:

    You should buy a "kill a watt" it's a device to see how much energy an appliance is using… I doubt your dvr is using anywhere near 500watts 

  18. Brendan Gifford says:

    3D printing on the Space Station wouldn't save anyone money! It's likely much more expensive. At 1.2 million bucks a pound the inevitable waste from the printing the widget must also be transported to space and would cost much more than transporting a lighter completed widget from earth without the waste.

  19. Patrick Neeley says:

    Nice Silence of the Lambs reference lol

  20. SteveTreePuncher says:

    Hahaha! 2 Girls 1 Cup! She was like, " What?? " XD Awesome video as always!!

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