Top 20 Galaxy Gear Tips & Tricks, Features, Gestures you ‘Must Know’

Samsung Galaxy Gear is the first wearable gadget from the company & the most advanced SmartWatch in the market at this moment. There are so many jaw-dropping innovative features this little device offers that, if you are using the latest smartphones (Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy S4) from Samsung then you may consider getting one of these Galaxy Gears. The purpose of this special video is to introduce you with the great features, options & gestures of this smartwatch, hope you will find this video quite helpful.

Samsung Galaxy Gear sports a 1.63″ Super AMOLED display with 320x320px resolution & sapphire glass top, 800MHz processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB storage, 315 mAh battery, 1.6MP autofocus camera with 720p recording, dual microphones & a loudspeaker. The charging dock features NFC & the communication in between the phone & the watch is done through BlueTooth 4.0. The price in India is around 23,000 Rs ~ 375USD.

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Sukesh Banik
Gadgets Portal
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25 thoughts on “Top 20 Galaxy Gear Tips & Tricks, Features, Gestures you ‘Must Know’”

  1. Gadgets Portal says:


  2. Kevin Stevenson says:

    Any new apps coming to the gear since they put tizen on it? 

  3. Tyler Bowser says:

    Can barely understand you but good video

  4. Charles Altman says:

    thanks, i just got gear, and I feel the same as you. its magnificent. the
    one tip you mentioned that I liked was the one that allows voice command to
    take pictures. I feel like dick tracy.

  5. ruzzel de mesa says:

    what is the name of your wallpaper?

  6. RepliesNotReadByUser says:

    Da hell kind of lock screen is that?!!! 

  7. SuperPrinceLee says:

    Good review. thanks.

  8. Fabián Bustos says:

    bro i need your help, using the media controler u can change the artist of
    ur device??
    I mean if i am listening Deep purple and then i want to listen Led Zepelin,
    how the ($!(#% do u change the folder D:


    (I got a gear neo 2)

  9. SenatorPro says:

    Wow. That is the meaning of a great video. 

  10. Kent Lewis says:

    Samsung gear watch is cool luv it.

  11. Aatif M. says:

    What is this language? R u from kerala? 

  12. marius waterson says:

    hi can you help me please i loaded a calender app on my gear it worked but
    when i connect it on the phone its gone like vanished even if i
    disconnected its still gone

  13. screamingiraffe says:

    I guess Samsung removed the app ‘watchstyler’, no results show in the
    Samsung App store.

  14. Dennis Lester says:

    I bought these 2 on release date! Will more than likely get the second one
    as well! It’s at the top of It’s class. I don’t see anyone catching them on
    this one! I mean look, they just dropped 3 more versions of it at one time!

  15. bsv10 says:

    Call LuLU !!!

  16. Ali. G says:

    good review but don’t but a lot of music it’s Annoying 

  17. Chris Parlour says:

    Does anybody know where I can get that app watch styler?

  18. Bill Kennedy says:

    Learned a lot in short time. Thanks for info

  19. Sam Collier says:

    robbed… or killed… well that escalated quickly 

  20. Sourav Lohani says:

    your videos are more useful and better than IGYAAN… 🙂
    keep it up..

  21. Michael Browning says:

    Very informative video thanks. Two things holding me back from buying
    one. That is how tough is the screen, is it resistant to knocks. The
    other is water resistance. I have heard that you would not want to get any
    water on this watch.

  22. Michael Griffiths says:

    Love the part at 3:30 RE: emergency assistance..
    You can let someone know if your being robbed or killed! :-)

  23. jawad rezai says:

    I cant download the app for watch styler

  24. John Waller says:

    Great Video!! Would like to know how to see texts on my gear.

  25. Shibito says:

    How do you set up safety assistance?

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