Top 50 iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks Of ALL Time – 8.1.2 & 8.1.1 TaiG Jailbreak Compatible

Top 50 iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks Of ALL Time - 8.1.2 & 8.1.1 TaiG Jailbreak Compatible

All Time Top 50 iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks. Compatible With 8.1.2, 8.1.1 & 8.1 TaiG Jailbreak. Best & Coolest Top 50 Tweaks Ever Made. Works on iPhone 6 Plus & 6 & all iPhones, iPads & iPod 5! Works on iOS 7 too.

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Jailbreak 8.1.2 & 8.1.1 HERE:


20 thoughts on “Top 50 iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks Of ALL Time – 8.1.2 & 8.1.1 TaiG Jailbreak Compatible”

  1. Pav Dhami says:

    Hi there.. Can anyone please tell me how to jailbreak my iphone6 8.3? 

  2. Hattan Sh says:

    what's the tweak for that transparent popup msg ?

  3. Derek Handy says:

    Who else paused to see the note? XD

  4. hammad sarwar says:

    have u got an app where we can download youtube or dailymotion videos and save it too camera roll, no matter how larger they are, for IOS8?
    Secondly Is there any app where we can save contacts directly to SIM, or from iphone contacts to SIM

  5. Wade Winston Wilson says:

    is there a way I can change the imei in Cydia? anyone?

  6. i Benjamin says:

    Lol its a shame that all the stuff he calls tweaks on an iLame that are apps you download and some you par for it were built into Android phones without having to root it(called jailbreaking for an iLame) or download an app. For example battery saver, batter pop ups, and wanting to know your phone's battery percentage is already built into an Android phone. Lol iPhones(iLames) suck.

  7. TEA REX says:

    They need to make Harbor and Apex 2 compatible. 

  8. Krish Bedi says:

    All the utubers are like "if ur like me" no I,m notttttt….

  9. MILK_MONSTER says:

    Hey guys im completely new to jailbreaking and want to do it 😀 but have no idea how…. im on IOS 8.3 with my iphone 5s how do i jailbreak? if you guys could help it would be awesome! thank you

  10. Tony “CHENS85” Chen says:

    The keyboard one touchpal is better

  11. ahmad gafar says:

    HELP I want to get this phone but the iphone has amazing tweaks and the app store and the galaxy s6 edge is so hot wich one should I buy

  12. Mason Yocum says:

    When you get rid of a jailbreak like when you update it to get rid of it. Does your battery time lower?

  13. Cat Ngo says:

    I love your taste in music. We might have more in common than I thought

  14. Medic + says:

    Try and count the amount of times he says 'tweaks' 

  15. The Bird Swag says:

    I was so exited when I saw appheads but it won't work in landscape mode ion my iPad mini

  16. john mukuna says:

    after i  jailbreak ios 8.1.2, can i  then update it to ios 8.1.3?

  17. InfernalPanda Mc says:


  18. audiodopebeats says:

    Is there a tweak that allows you to have read receipts for specific people?

  19. Rexx Fernandez says:

    Like a Boss. Killer video dude ;)

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