TWITCH VS. STEAM! – Tech Tuesday

Steam Broadcasting –
Chanute vs AT&T –
WhatsApp Divorce –
Jackie Chan Solar Power –

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19 thoughts on “TWITCH VS. STEAM! – Tech Tuesday”

  1. smoke4690 says:

    love these guys and the show… but bitch please – china needs more solar panels – no body consumes or pollute more than the usa.

  2. Feeling Healing says:

    "im exited to announce the kickstarter for solar jackie chan ray player devices reached its goal of ten bucks. as soon as 3016 you can watch jackie chan from the comfort of your very own eco-friendly roof." this research has trailed off a bit…

  3. . m80. says:


  4. Toaster Boots says:

    i posted this comment using fiber

  5. 50% Banana (It's DNA idiots) says:

    Thanks jackie chan.

  6. Stefan Constantin Dumitrache says:

    C'mon, dudes, the title should also include some "Chanute and Jackie Chan" :))

  7. Jesse S says:

    UGH.. why do you guys always have to use vulgar, foul language? Why does EVERYONE these days use such unnecessary words that make them sound unintelligent? When did this become a "thing"?

  8. kolten mitchell says:

    You said over 9000…. I am proud of you.

  9. GlobaIwarmer says:

    Congratulations solar panels! You have gone from super shitty, to slightly less super shitty!

    Now, just figure out how to stop atmospheric dust, clouds, rainstorms, and nighttime, then you may just end up being a reliable source of energy… even though you will still be highly inefficient.

  10. kevin galvez says:

    Im getting 1mbps for 60 Dollars a month in the Philippines wtf

  11. Davis Bunn says:

    I've been click bated again

  12. vargen1414 says:

    think on it streaming on both the same time

  13. Matthew Bradley says:

    Salisbury, NC has fiber!

  14. Ben Winfrey says:


  15. Menkelof Bronsfrinch says:

    I love both i love twitch because of cryotic and steam becase so many low prices!

  16. JJ ceo says:

    I should get my town together to install fiber!

  17. Sanic-Snipes says:

    just over 9000 people

  18. Artyom Hoffmon says:

    Fucking Xboners making Console Wars everywhere cause they are horny for attention. Here are the results
    Xbox One: Shittiest, Fuckiest, Dumbest, Piece of Shit Turd Potatoe. 
    PS4: Not Bad, Average Gaming Computer equivalent.
    PC: better than all consoles and will continue to beat your Xbox One to the fucking ground with a jackhammer.

  19. Steve D says:

    u fugging sellouts y u advertise Jackie Chan blue ray  

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