Two New Magnetic Toys

Firstly, we have an example of diamagnetic levitation. Diamagnetic materials are repelled by both the north and the south pole of a regular magnet. However the effect is a very weak one. Water is diamagnetic, and also a substance called pyrolytic graphite, which we show here.

With a small2 x 2 array of powerful neodymium magnets, it is possible to levitate a small piece of pyrolytic graphite. However this is a variant of that, and it involves an array of neodymium magnets, with small pieces of pyrolytic graphite floating freely above the array.

The second toy involved correlated magnets. This type of magnetism was only invented in 2008. Basically correlated magnets normally work in pairs, and have a complex arrangement of magnetic elements (maxels) on their surface; these can vary in size, orientation and location. In combination, the two magnets can be made to attract at a distance, but repel if they get too close (a combination of longer range and shorter range magnetic forces). In this example, the magnets are extremely hard to separate when they are in one orientation, but if you rotate them 180 degrees, they can be separated more easily.

We will probably see a number of applications in coming years for this very new technology.
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  1. Gazinbali says:

    Two phenomenon.. or should that be phenomeni ??…

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    What's the name of this field paper at 1:03?

  3. ZALGO SE VIENE says:

    This is how you make real hover boards

  4. Tony Ferber says:

    What's this, Metric measurements now?

  5. kangaxx says:

    Why is speaking like he has brain damage?

  6. Reddit Master says:

    I don't think it's impossible to divide the magnets once joined. Strength is the key to solve most things (Sorry for bad english)

  7. Christopher Raff says:

    All fun and games until some idiot kids eat them and ruin it for everyone.

  8. AuCafeDeLaMarmotte says:

    Amazing, thanks for sharing.

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    Redditor here.  Am I the only one who already knew all of this.  I feel as I am watching Sesame Street telling me that the letter of the day is K.  Please start teaching us something actually useful you ignoramus.

  10. Marlon Mendez says:

    Wow. This is amazing.

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    You rule British guy

  12. Mike codnich says:

    Where is the floating stones in the little box on the site pyrolytic graphite stones that float around. Cant find it on the site or has it been discontinued?

  13. ryan lynch says:

    So, could you take the concept of the checker board magnet floor and make shoes out of magnets, this could make you hover and possibly be a game or some sort of entertainment. You could then use electrical currents to turn them into electro magnets and speed up/slow down how quickly you could move forward, backwards or even up? 

  14. eva eyez says:

    get kids fascinated by those, and our ways of life will change

  15. hunter desesso says:

    Were would i get something like the first one? Its very interesting

  16. fuflang says:

    oh dear, I've come across another Grand illusions video. There goes my afternoon. 

  17. Dave Power #6 says:

    Someone recently made a big deal about a hoverboard based on the Lenz's law.  I wonder how well one based on diamagnetic repulsion would work.  I assume that the strength of the magnets needed would make it very difficult/expensive, and it would probably be impossible to balance on top of the board… still, I'd love to see someone try it.

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    I want to buy the first one from you please 

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