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4 thoughts on “Windows 10 Technology news for september 24th 2015 Baidu Insider Copy Protection office IOS”

  1. Tim Robinson says:

    It is indeed sad that secure rom and similar security features won't be updated to be accommodated with windows 10 . I used to be a die hard gamer , and this would definitely definitely be a deal breaker . I don't see why these software developers , security developers , and Microsoft can't walk hand in hand . As you said it's not just games , a Windows machine is supposed to be a "Do all" machine , and not supporting these softwares makes Windows a NOT do all machine . I'm not suggesting it's Microsoft's fault in this case , or entirely the security or software developers , but if these guys sat around a table I'm sure they could work something out , for the sake of all the people who have bought games/apps/utilities that were built for Windows platform . I guess someone pi**ed someone off , or didn't want to spend more cash , who knows ? !!!

  2. Richard Barrett says:

    After 40 years of using Microsoft , running it on 500 computers on 6 networks and installing 100's of more copies, I for one, am in favor of putting Microsoft out of business. They need to go work for the Chinese gov;t their philosophy fits in better with their gov't then the American gov't. I for one after using over 50 copies myself am now looking at all other OS alternatives.

  3. Noel Dowds says:

    IOS 9 …. Well to be honest the transfer from IOS 7 to 9 was a complete disaster for me and many other users with the dreaded " slide to Upgrade" bug . I have spent over 9hrs with Apple support since last Thursday to get my Iphone 5S out of a bricked state that the update caused , After several remote sessions with the Tech's at Apple they still could not get my phone to Restore ,, Restore from Backup ,,, Update etc etc . I finally sorted it myself by loading a clean barebones Windows 7 OS with no security whatsoever loaded and on the 6th attempt to load the Firmware and IOS9 it finally took … I will leave the update 9.0.1 well alone for now because a week without a business phone has cost me dear on alot of fronts and at no time has Apple apologised about the complete mess up with the whole thing ….. On my next upgrade ( Phone ) I think it will be BYE BYE Apple and give a Windows Phone a pop instead …..

    Shame on you Apple

  4. Rich Buczkowski says:

    I am a little confused I tried a couple of the link to fix the update and they were not working?

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