Windows Vista – Using Gadgets

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Gadgets and Desktop widgets have been around for the Mac OSX and Ubuntu , Vista is no different and also has its own types and versions of these on the sidebar function. This is a review on how to use them and installing new ones.

Video notes:
* Windows key + spacebar – Select Sidebar and bring all gadgets to the front
* Windows key + G – Cycle through Sidebar gadgets
* Tab – Cycle through Sidebar controls
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25 thoughts on “Windows Vista – Using Gadgets”

  1. echoes15 says:

    there are like the mac ones

  2. iLoveAIDS420 says:

    Thanks for the tut, thing is, when I hold windows key + spacebar it doesn’t
    toggle the sidebar. Anyone know a solution? Thanks again PCWizKid

  3. coijoi says:

    nice vid but im using XP”

  4. tombell12 says:

    Watching this vid inspired me to get my Sidebar back up. I disabled it for
    startup reasons but now I’ve placed a shortcut on my desktop so when the
    computer has finished loading then I will then load it up. Speaking of the
    CPU Usage, I have a similar gadget on mine but yours looks better. What’s
    the name of that particular tool? May just toy with that 🙂

  5. Nemo_K says:

    it’s pumped full of useless stuff 😀

  6. lhamil64 says:

    If you are using Windows XP you can use Google’s sidebar. You have to
    download Google Desktop but it’s pretty cool. You can also install it on
    Vista (i believe) if you like it better.

  7. fadzil369 says:

    yea window vista home basics.. reply plox

  8. infamouspquniverse says:

    i have all the stuff u got from gadgets to cusor

  9. JGS351 says:

    “HUGE” ? not really… if so.. back it up.

  10. Raymond Walsh says:

    hey how do i reverse not having my gadgets run on startup, i set it up so
    it won’t run on start up and now i can’t find it

  11. Snickers7123 says:

    A jak wlaczyc ten gadzet ? …..

  12. ADS19922011 says:

    Don’t you love “hoe” people always have to fight over OS’s and never just
    be happy with what they have?

  13. DavidPlim says:

    do you have vista basic?

  14. BadBoyButHeCool says:

    sidebar is very good and it is easy

  15. fdja16 says:

    You hav to go to your control panel and search “widgets” up on the right

  16. ADS19922011 says:

    No it won’t, I have a brand new Vista notebook that runs perfectly fine
    with the sidebar. The sidebar wouldn’t even slow down an old computer.

  17. Kiatambarry says:

    Dude ur best…

  18. HappyFishFilms says:

    dont you love hoe vista copied mac

  19. PestVic says:

    can you make a gadgets video for XP? please? 😛

  20. isokessu says:

    why would somebody install that Google’s sidebar to vista when there’s
    already sidebar in vista. there’s nothing bad in vista sidebar why somebody
    would remove it and use google version?

  21. Esyial Reku says:

    vista Ftw

  22. DavidPlim says:

    start menu and type sideshow

  23. peterlee666 says:

    I find the sidebar just another piece of the bloated vista package which
    uses too much ram for my likings. The only sidebar gadget I use is the
    notepad, and this is just for reminders.

  24. camilito971 says:

    excelent video -like

  25. elijahshack says:

    Awesome video, helps alot with the Sidebar. I always disable it, but I
    never knew it could actually be useful. I always viewed it as pesky. 😛

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