XP will not Restore my Active Desktop

Active Desktop Recovery not restoring back to your desktop? It’s a fairly common problem. You click “Restore my Active Desktop” button, but nothing happens. You still have that ugly white Active Desktop being displayed.

When I run into this problem, I have two methods I use to fix it.

Method 1: ……
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25 thoughts on “XP will not Restore my Active Desktop”

  1. TM Hacker says:

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  5. JOE Goose flaxman says:

    great job– jsut slow it down a little…but your on the money…thank you.

  6. Benas Stašaitis says:

    Almost works but for me like a litle bit of the screen is cut off :-/

  7. Chris Davis says:

    Didn’t know I was famous on YouTube.

  8. Larry Barrett says:

    Cool……..worked immediately. Thank you. 

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    By 44 seconds you had my all fixed up. My gratitude for your time & effort.

  13. 71dhwand says:

    ok i have the components folder and I adjusted the key, but I still have
    the problem. Do you know a third fix ?

  14. David Burdick says:

    thanks Chris. Brilliant. First suggestion worked spot on!

  15. 71dhwand says:

    I don’t have the component folder under safe mode. Any other suggestions ?

  16. Moesha Young says:

    thank u so much now i wont get in troble

  17. Trooper70396 says:

    Ur da best

  18. Jack Humane says:

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    little easier lel…God bless mate. 

  19. Charan Sagar says:

    i cant fix it help me chris davis

  20. Robert Spiegel says:

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    Thanks spot on on the silly issue

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